April 30th
u know it
u at work?
look at my belly
i would have wore black but that shit would have look the same
peace to all
February 5th
Worldofdjs made 5 comments on PK1 in the mix
hes killing it
do it son
thrift stores
sup every1
February 5th
February 5th
Worldofdjs made 2 comments on PK1 in the mix
what up gruve
November 27th
live boyyyyy
October 16th
Come in the chat room
October 10th
D&B with Reggae
September 30th
Worldofdjs made 3 comments on Jose G. on Worldofdjs's
lol k for the next time
i'm out bro
been on for 2+ hrs
September 30th
September 30th
Worldofdjs made 9 comments on Jose G. on Worldofdjs's
wat up
not sure
ah ok
brb, let.'s see
September 26th
Worldofdjs made 2 comments on Worldofdjs's Show
yeah trying out new angles
September 26th
September 18th
DJ SILVERFOXXXxx in the mix.. from U.K.
how do we sound guys
let me know if any issue comes up with the streaming
September 17th
I s Fox out there with you? I'm getting reports saying that he's supposed to be in Vegas
For real bro. I was smiling the whole time they were pulling them and they thought I was crazy, but I was just so appreciative of being able to move past something that has bothered me for years that it was a great experience
Is Fox out there with you? Mad told me to ask you
But it's going to happen soon?
Ahh ok. Two hours
Make sure you take him to Ihop. Gotta get those sausages yo
I was chilling with these two German tourists one time when I worked at Disney, and want to know what they thought the greatest thing about the US was? Black & Mild cigars
They couldnt believe that we could just go to the store and buy as many of those as we wanted
Today is just take it to where it needs to go. We dont know where we're going, but we're going to enjoy the ride and be happy when we get there
Dude....you're from Detroit, which is a place that Americans are embarrassed to admit exists, so I'm just going to let that slide
it does that when no one is around
4 hrs son