July 20th
oi oi
June 30th
martin i didnt see you mate i can only watch one screen and i had the facebook one on thanks man
June 13th
folks sorry i didnt see you guys i will shout you next time 100 percent i was on another stream watching i cant multi task hahaha
angelxs burner mike
May 4th
thanks mike
January 28th
oi oi
November 15th
my facebook strem kept crashin on the chewb but was cool else where
stream even
this stream is jumping between two different streams at points matey
my ninjas
its as if you playin oput but its random cutting to a pre set recording
the audios defo been cutting in and out to seperate streams at points
just donw it right now to some mad deep stuff
every other thing ive listened to has been cool but heres been cool then every now and again a couple of seconds flicks to another show then back
oi oi x
November 14th
see i have about 20 accounts hahah wtf i cant even mind when ihave ever signed in on here
my ninjas , the full turtles are out man!
its like warmmmmmm apple
no urban he dug them up from and underground apple patch hahahaha
tune tune tune
thanks dr
was the support of the troop on the chewb and my socials etc that got it there so happy man
thanks guys and long may it continue hopefully i can keep producing tunnes the troops all dig man and im gonna try my best to do it !
cowabunga my ninjas
have scotland still got a team?
November 9th
oi oi
even haha
my ninjas hope we are all well!
ya man! irn bru at the ready
urban you my good man have already supassed any expectations i had of you with your choice of giphys! im am a fellow good blue brother
im a proper granny i love my tea!
a wee irnbru when im feeling tropical
dandielion and burdock if im out my fucking melt
ouch man fek that
thank big man!
thanks van
done it for the mrs to one of her fav tunes so a we birthday prezzie
response has been huge totally taken back with it all but very very very happy
thanks man
did i see gbace sing there
whys it stopped ?