September 24th
here we go!
DJ Lgcc for the first 90ish, then a live modular set by Lavender (Portland, Jacktone Records)
alrighty, last from DJ Lgcc
Lavender live PA up next
Final moments from Lavender
Lavender is currently on tour! check out his site for more info
thanks for tuning! back again next week
September 23rd
just a lil' less than 60 minutes until we start streamin'
September 16th
vinyl n' cats mostly :)
cheers @beardymcfizzle :) I'm here most Saturday afternoons... got a nice ambient modular set in store next week from special guest Lavender :)
final tune for the day
thanks for tunin :) back again next week w/ special guest Lavender, 2pm pacific time
September 9th
startin' off with a lil' dreamlogicc :)
infinite rollerr
inobtrusive thus far :)
yeah purdy beat-y bass-y 2dayyo
final tuune
thanks for tunin'!
such a beaut
if there 'was' such a thing as 'good', this would be that thingg, methinks
August 26th
hiyya 8i11
in ma' tumbly
:D yay! hello Elina!
Neither - Sunset Dub
:) yeah she's still young and energetic, greyseph on the other hand is a rrreal loungeabout!
final tune for the day!
thanks for tunin' in :)
in... ma' tumbly
August 19th
:D cheers
yeah they go through various moods, pretty chill and cooperative today :)
3 actually
Final tune for the day
July 29th
Early end today - Hoping to broadcast while on tour the next two saturdays
if not sooner, ill be back in the studio, and on-air, on August 19th
July 22nd
done did itt
nu angles, new bangerz
cats all lurkin' off-cam tho :/
Just Do Your Best.
this now is DB1
on hidden hawaiii
That's Olive, and she's Just Doing Her Best.
that's actually one of our foster-kitties, Olive
:) totally - she's got a clipped ear, and doesn't have the big swingin' gut that Greyseph has... yet :)
this is Orbital & Angelo Badalamenti
'long version'
yea soundtrackk
Final tune y'all
:) kitty recap
great to 'see' ya, Elina!
July 15th
woooo camera swingggggggg
:D meauuuuu back at'cha :)
could be! that record has all sorts of wild sounds :)
that was from the Mythologen LP on Hoga Nord
nice spottin!
oh dang. i had my desktop pc set up right under the showerhead
id heard that will keep it runnin' cooooooool
off of Information Pollution
great tune to mix :)
i still cant tell if it's hard as nails or soft as a feather
something about butterflies and bees and whatnot
>insert Katy Perry - Hear Me Roar<
for srs. 2 good
Alrighty, wrapping up with a lil' Rei Harakami
last tune for the dayy
thanks for tunin'!
back next week, July 22nd :)
June 17th
Wax n' Cats made 7 comments on Wax n' Cats #213
it's Pole playin' Pole :)
yeah fairly new
yeah suuuper good
all tracks
thanks for listenin :)