April 14th
cheers @luxcapto
hello @bishop!
chilin' 'ard!
April 10th
heeere we go!
DJ Lgcc for the first hour, then TIME, live in the studio!
yehha Noah!
nailed it!
East Of Oceans
cheers Mista Merc :)
heyya Rick Dawson, welcome!
we started a lil' late today so ill play some records for another 20 minutes or so, and then a live performance by TIME!
hhhheck yea
such an under rated Orb album imo
the deepest ;)
danke! this one is by Coaltar Of The Deepers
on their excellent album Yukari Telepath
its ok! glad you're enjoyin it
alrighty, final from DJ Lgcc
up in just a few minutes:
T I M E !
gettinnnnnnnn readyyyyyy
nnnoice heyyya 81ll
may bee!
here we go!
see you later, Rick Dawson!
thank you for tunin' in :)
hardcore !
here's a link to some more music from TIME https://timeiam.bandcamp.com/releases
nice, better make it 52!'
nice round number :D
cheers Mista, slam a beer for me!
final moments from TIME
check 'em out on bandcamp, at https://timeiam.bandcamp.com/releases
and we'll be back with a new Wax n' Cats stream on Saturday Afternoon
for those of you checking out the archive, TIME's set starts around 1 hour 10 minutes in....
April 9th
we're about 60 minutes away from today's Special Edition of Wax n' Cats
DJ Lgcc in the first half of the show, and a live performance by TIME in the second half....
hello Jay, great to 'see' ya!
we'll be starting in 'bout 5 minutes
April 7th
cheers Vidiian!
shout out to Vidiian on this one :)
i'd voice-over but i'd have to cut the song channel to microphone to do it
this is Blocks & Escher - Rugged
they just had a new full - length on Metalheadz that's friggin rrrrrad
you can stream it on the band campp
moar Vidiian goodness right now
thanks !
March 24th
hiyya Shiyapkin
workin' on coaxin' them out
they're all super in to sun beam chasin' today
okee up now: Toby Goodenough
no we had her checked , actually itchy scabs from fightin'
yeah she has regular... 'disagreements' with some of the foster kitties
definitely :)
aww :)
yeah we were just talking about a 3rd camera
gotta figure out the already-existing bandwidth issues
totes. there's some kitty-cams out there, most of them you have to retrieve the video later though
interesting, ill look in to em, my bandwidth is my current barrier to a third camera, once i get that sorted ill definitely be experimentin' with a kitty-cam :)
cheers! Toby bringin' the classics!
definitely :)
trynna smell the camera
trying to get kitty #4 to come out
no 3 out of 4 on screen now, one more is hiding farrrrrr awayyyy
she was definitely considering it
yeah i think it is unfortunately :p
ahoi @catmanofwestoakland
good thing i have all these cats to pet after each comcast phonecall
aww no whey :)
ugh ::
Cool see ya 'round
we try :D
comcast more like bombcast
not looking forward to seeing how Net Neutrality ruling affects these already spotty companies' services'
final track from Toby Goodenough
thanks for tunin' in!
March 24th
March 18th
next week: special guest Toby Goodenough
thanks for tunin'!