January 14th
well connectedd
hehe no bluetube heere!
same thing?
rollercoaster tronica
:D heyya Burnet207
and @shylapkin!
the one i picked up in chicag-o
final tune for the day :)
thanks for tunin' in y'all!
December 26th
DJ Lgcc up now, Lone Dancer in the second half :)
welcome to the streeeam
alrighty last from DJ Lgcc
(tune by K-rad!)
Lone Dancer up next!
fun kayyy
Lone Dancer's new record on Deep Club is out now!
you can find more from Lone Dancer on Soundcloud, too
and a great mix from Lone Dancer for 5 Mag
December 26th
'bout 25 minutes out, see you soon!
December 23rd
final tune for today Join us this coming Tuesday the 26th for a Special Edition stream with special guest Lone Dancer!
December 23rd
starting in about 15 minutes, sorry folks, some technical difficulties up in heere
December 16th
Wax n' Cats made 17 comments on Wax n' Cats #232 w/ YNV
lil' hickup there, but we're now streamin live!
DJ Lgcc up first...
heyya 8i11 good to 'see' ya
alrighty, last one from DJ Lgcc
up next, YNV
YNV is also responsible for our trippy second-cam visuals today :)
all of thee
heere we go:
YNV up now
Greyseph watching YNV from his high-perch :D
more info on the VT site, https://www.vagueterrain.club/
you can find YNV hosting the monthly Vague Terrain events in SF
Final tune on now from YNV
Thanks for tunin' in! back again next Saturday, December 23rd
December 9th
cheers 8i11 good to see ya
playing right now is one by the band Super Numeri
"the coastal bird scene"
oh fun comments aren't auto-loading :/
final tune for the day
Back next week with special guest YNV
December 3rd
Final tune for the day
thanks for tunin'!
November 18th
November 9th
DJ Lgcc up now
Burnet207 in the second half of the show :D
hiyya @raggydoll
Burnet207 with a dj set of originals, today :)
kittys doin' well!
yeah bit of mid-week streamin' today
thank you very much, that tropical storm made for a nice backdrop that day :)
where are you based, @Ragydoll ?
ah cool!
>big jump<
safe travels! :)
Final tune by Burnet207
more https://soundcloud.com/burnet207
November 6th
We will be broadcasting on Thursday November 9th this week, with special guest Burnet207
November 4th
Wax n' Cats made 17 comments on Wax n' Cats #227
(the tune)
we could definitely do that!!
yay verily!
this one is from the mysterious Old Apparatus collective
from the Derren EP
this one will wreck ya brain loud & after-dark :)
this is one by Myown
woa ear-moji
final tune for the day :)
ending with some Kind Gesture tuneage
back again next week with special guest DJ set by Burnet207!
Thanks for tunin' in, y'all!
Phonaut lets meet for lunch or somethin' this week while you're in town :)