November 9th
DJ Lgcc up now
Burnet207 in the second half of the show :D
hiyya @raggydoll
Burnet207 with a dj set of originals, today :)
kittys doin' well!
yeah bit of mid-week streamin' today
thank you very much, that tropical storm made for a nice backdrop that day :)
where are you based, @Ragydoll ?
ah cool!
>big jump<
safe travels! :)
Final tune by Burnet207
November 6th
We will be broadcasting on Thursday November 9th this week, with special guest Burnet207
November 4th
Wax n' Cats made 34 comments on Wax n' Cats #227
here we go!
Wax n' Cats #227 is LIVE
with a set by DJ Lgcc
:D eyooo
hiyya Noah
:) 'your onlyyyy a-Bayy aawayyyy'
that was some wrong-speed Echochord :)
good to see ya too, 8ill!
:) that typin' kitty looks alot like Krinkles, who is currently in-frame in the lower-right shot :)
that would explain my lack of hard drive space!
hiyya @catlover
this one is q-loop
(the tune)
we could definitely do that!!
yay verily!
this one is from the mysterious Old Apparatus collective
from the Derren EP
this one will wreck ya brain loud & after-dark :)
this is one by Myown
woa ear-moji
final tune for the day :)
ending with some Kind Gesture tuneage
back again next week with special guest DJ set by Burnet207!
Thanks for tunin' in, y'all!
Phonaut lets meet for lunch or somethin' this week while you're in town :)
October 29th
we're live!
DJ Lgcc up first
Vidiian in the second half of the show
alrighty, last tune from DJ Lgcc
Vidiian up next
Vidiian on the decks!
you can find them on soundcloud
:D hello juneunit!
total groove, i agree
hehe Greyseph was done with the catnip, and he had big plans for the afternoon :p
the scratchin' was just the motivation he needed to mosey on to his next stop - scratching the corner, lounging in the sunshine, chasing flies, that sort of thing :)
busy indeed
final tune from Vidiian!
Thanks for tuning in - Back again next week, with special guest Burnet207
cheers Juneunit - ill get the archive up on youtube asap too ( @maindrainstudios there)
October 28th
'bout 45 minutes out from today's broadcast!
October 21st
Wax n' Cats #225 is LIVE! DJ Lgcc for the first hour Live sets by Roy Shade and Loren Steele in the second half of the show
DJ Lgcc up now
so big tuneage
shout out to Ashina
'nother beaut :)
last one was Silver Apples
this one is from an artist called Veer Right Young Pastor
cheers, B-ruv
alrighty last tune from DJ Lgcc
up next we've got Loren Steele with a live hardware set
ROY SHADE up now!
next up:
Roy Shade & Loren Steele collaborate
with the occasional DJ Lgcc ambient record flippinnnn
final few minutes of today's stream
thanks for tunin' in !
back next week with special guest Vidiian!
October 21st
Startin' up in just a few minutes
October 15th
You can find Particle Fields on Soundcloud, and playing live around the Bay Area
October 14th
wooo moving windoww
cheers Vidiian!
Final few minutes of Particle Fields' set