May 27th
last tune was by The Orb
off of their album Baghdad Batteries
GREAT record
some mega heattt
srs peak-hour-tune
real, live discs!
as the great philosopher Coldplay once said, 'a rush of blood to the head'
thanks for tunin' y'all
see you next week!
May 20th
60 min lefttt
nice pre-'mericano warmupp
cheers, that was Jim E Stack mixed in to some C. Cigol
thanks bruv
May 13th
aaand we're live :)
a lil' Bvdub is always a good place to start
rock und roll
that was 'rob chetcuti's rhythm master dub mix version' of 'searchin
greyseph was hiding on the very edge of the shot
here we go :)
he has his own agenda!
carter tutti void off of transverse ep
a very gentle backspin is the best i can do with that heavy quiet vinyl hehe
youll just have to rewind in the browser later :}
! minogue-gods!
banger confirmed - prepare to launch jack-attack
how 'bout THAT for some cat
thanks for tunin' in!
May 6th
one of these days ill get a third camera runnin' you you can see the others too :)
right now its one by The Untouchables
ill get the track name when i pull the record
the untouchables & resound - separate reality
that was homemade weaponry
from his 'traitors ep'
thanks for tunin' - back next week :)
April 29th
cheers @R.O.B. , thanks for tunin'
nice to see ya, @m50
Final tune - thanks for listening back again next week!
April 22nd
cheers bruv :)
all records i picked up on my travels today
thanks for tunin' - back again next week :)
April 1st
hello, fair Shylapkin
up next: Vidiian
thanks for tunin'!
cheers Juneunit
good to 'see' ya!
check out Vidiian's productions on Soundcloud:
and if you're in The Bay Area, he'll be DJing at the CatClub in SF, April 23rd
yes! he just mentioned
new album on the horizon!
March 25th
hiyya 8ill :)
Up Now: Speakeasy Ray :D
last tune from Speakeasy Ray!
find more from him on Soundcloud, at
March 24th
Vinyl Pitch ADJ
this is a Rane mp2015
fairly new actually!
2015 i think :)
more from Vinyl Pitch ADJ on Soundcloud:
up now:
Brother El
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up now:
Damon Bell
heyya m50
Damon Bell has a new record out on Shadeleaf Music. more on that on FB, at