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December 9th

2016 VIDEO DJ ONLINE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Welcome to the 2016 Video DJ Online World Championships presented by www.TheSkilledDJ.com in association with DJ Dini, Irie, and Visual iCandy. We have brought together the some of best Video DJs on the planet to create a competition for the Video DJ Community to show off their skills. Judged by the most respected Video DJs around, it is sure to bring out the best in all the competitors VIDEO We are looking for 5 minutes of DJ Battle Skills mixed with Video DJ Skills. We want to see you cut it up on the decks and in the editing room. DJ must remain on screen throughout any segment of the video where turntablist technics are being used. Here are some examples of what we are looking for out of a routine DJ Dini – vimeo.com/139563394 DJ Irie – youtu.be/9ziFmKLh_DI DJ Costik – vimeo.com/39291353 CRITERIA Difficulty – The skill level required to pull off the Routine Technicality #1 – This focuses on Scratching and single deck technics Technicality #2 – This focuses on Beat Juggling and other tricks using multiple decks Musicality – Did it sound good and make sense together Visuality – Did the visual enhance the experience and make sense Creativity – We are looking for fresh ideas and content Video Editing – How was the video content used and what was done to enhance it JUDGES DJ DINI DJ IRIE CRUSH DJ JOSHUA CARL 2ND NATURE MIKE RELM DJ WOODY RULES -It is free to enter -All contestants must submit a video by December 4th 2016 to participate. -Video Entries must be uploaded to a video sharing site such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook (if uploaded to Facebook, make sure your profile is public and has no sharing restrictions) -Once a video is uploaded and registered each contestant will have a custom webpage built for their video that can be shared. –The top 3 most shared video pages will guarantee themselves a spot in the top 10 -The remaining video entries will be narrowed down and picked by Dini (Video DJ World Champion) and Irie (DMC Visual DJ World Champion) to fill out the rest of the top 10 -The Top 10 will be announced on Dec 11th 2016 -Our full panel of judges will then select the top 3 -The Winner will be announced on Dec 18th 2016 PRIZES Winner will be flown to the Visual iCandy studio to perform live 1 Year Subscription to Smashvision 1 Year Subscription to Mingling Mix Emergency with a Custom Transition Gear from The Skilled DJ Store Jetpack Prize Pack with the new Slim Profile DJ bag by Orbit Concepts Serato CV and Custom slip bladez from 1 Stop DJ Shop

Visual iCandy VIDEO DJ Video Remix dj evan clark DJ Crush VDJWC Chris Landry The Skilled Dj

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