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The Banana Camp Show Ep009 feat. Jack Richards, Romany, & Shmoo

June 4th

The Banana Camp Show Ep009 feat. Jack Richards, Romany, & Shmoo

Recorded & broadcasted live on Facebook Live @ #BananaCampHQ on 03.09.18

Jack Richards
Undarground Elements // HearSay Music //HouseBroken Events
[Chicago, IL]
Born in Chicago IL and raised on the city's south side. Jack Richards has been influenced with house and dance music his entire life. It wasn't until the early 90's when he fell in love with techno music, and started collecting everything and anything he could get his hands on. Influenced by the rave scene and being too young for clubs he jumped into a new culture and re-fell in love with house music all over again. House was always just this music to him before then and he never thought it would change his life the way it did. Mixing was always easy for Jack, but leaving an impression on those that listen is where he really shines. Getting a chance to play and perform for people when they are out and enjoying the party is amazing! Although creating these moods are no easy task. Choice track selection and slick mixing is only the beginning. As co-founder of Hearsay Music Jack Richards plans on doing nothing short of bringing the best possible underground music to those who love and live by it! house music is fun, long live house!

Triple Threat // BlueMoonMedia // Nacht Recordings
[Chicago, IL]
Los Angeles native seeking enlightenment with a love for media art and minimal techno music. Now based in Chicago. Currently apart of BlueMoonMedia's Triple Threat Collective and a radio intern at WIIT's Da Booth 312.

[Chicago, IL]
From the silk roads of yore to the modern industrial shipping lanes on the high seas, Shmoo's sound is universal sonic commerce for the contemporary ear lobe. Here's the link for his latest release (also available at Gramaphone Records in Chicago): juno.co.uk/products/free-shmoo/…

Hosted by:

Banana Camp // Pierce Event Productions // Throwback Family // Housebroken Events
[Chicago, IL]
DJTUTT (David Pierce Tuttle) is a House Music DJ from Chicago, IL, USA and is the owner and founder of both Pierce Event Productions, Inc. and The Banana Camp Show. Tutt’s signature brand of House Music incorporates upbeat, shuffling percussion with deep and fat, funky bass lines, often paired with chopped-up pop, disco, and hip-hop vocal samples. Thriving amidst the underground, you can primarily find Tutt spinning at raves, loft parties, and secret soirees in and around Chicago and the greater Midwest.

The #BananaCampShow, presented by Pierce Event Productions, is a pop-up, live-streamed, high-quality, video webcast show series based out of Chicago, IL, USA showcasing local, underground dance music DJ's and culture.

Additional Support By:
Crystal Lotus Studios
Throwback Family
Housebroken Events
Chicago House Collective
Remey Le Flow

The Banana Camp Show would not be possible without the help from all the lovely volunteers! Interested in volunteering? Email :

General questions? info@thebananacampshow.com

To view previous episodes, please visit

house techno deep house tech house underground disco house

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