That Evol Sound PIttsburgh, PA

I've been involved with the Northeast American Dance scene since the mid 90's. I started actually playing in the early 2000's. Of course good ole vinyl was how I got my start.
Since then i have moved on to include some digital options for playing. Don’t doubt me though. I can still rock the wax, and hard too. So no flak from the vinyl purists out there. Skills are skills in any format.
My setup consists of technic 1200s, Pioneer DJ-1000mk2s, and a small assortment of midi controllers. I do use control vinyl, but also keep my real vinyl close by because that gets used also.
I consider myself talented. I don’t have a big head about it, but I’m aware of my skills. That doesn’t mean my beats are always dead on. Plus pull and play is open to unpredictability. If I get a mix that seems a little awkward, I’ll do my best to pull it together.
As for loaded mixes, I do one take. I’m not going to obsess and spend hours re-recording or editing my mistakes before you can hear them. I am human. I error. Don’t worry though, for the most part my mixes just move the hell out of you with out outrageously bad mistakes. I just want you to see that DJs are not perfect. It takes time, practice, and passion to be a true and good DJ.
I'm def music obsessive and can feel my way around most genres. I come from parents that loved classical, classic rock of the. 60s and 70s, and jazz. I myself immersed myself into metal and crust punk before I discovered the electronic dance scene. I like to think I carry all of this with me as I move forward.
Like I said, I’m music obsessive. Bass is where my passion lies though. Dead Orbit Radio is going to try to bring all of that to you. Always a random pull and play. Never planned. Most of the time we will be open format. We'll cross genres and bpms. It will be manic fun representing dance music in it's finest.
We'll also have tribute nights to genres or DJs that will flash us back decades. Just so we realize that todays music is connected to the past.
Sunday mornings 7am EST we'll have the Dead Orbit Radio After Party. We’ll give it our best attempt to fend off the advances of the coming week with the wonders of bass.Mid-tempo, Trap, Dubstep, Jungle, Twerk, plus many other genres. If you just came home from the club. If you don't want to give in to sleep. If you don’t want to think about Monday. Then log on and feel the power of bass. None of us want the party to end. So why should it.
Later that night there will be an encore, but don’t expect the same show. Yes, there might be elements of the earlier show. Maybe some track repeats, but this isn’t a planned out set. I pride myself on winging it. Just finding that track that you hope works best.
Both shows are scheduled for 1 hour of set play, but depending on attendance, the vibe, and my mood we might just keep on keepin on. So don't miss either and pass the love on to others. I hope to see you there.

Joined: November 7th