April 22nd
SOUND WAVE made 3 comments on Londell Chapman's Show
Mega huh ?
Zero sound on this end!!
No sound bro !!!
April 22nd
SOUND WAVE made 6 comments on C-Cubed
so ..
it's beast
I got video.. kinda 80's looking
but video
really low volume
April 22nd
SOUND WAVE made 18 comments on Reflect
No i'm not
Hello !!
don't need a Mac to play lol
is mac all you have ? lol
Coherence is blind.. got a 60 inch like it's glasses sitting on his face lol
it's ok Coherence.. I have an Imac 27 in my face
I am no better
but in my defence I have glasses..
That I am
it said look below lmao
Why be a Shrimp.. When you can be a Decepticon !!
Thanks for the tunes Bro !!
if you can't.. let me know ..I'm always on standby
April 10th
SOUND WAVE made 2 comments on MMGA0017
Cause you aint cool like me !! lmao
o> hello all
March 26th
SOUND WAVE made 67 comments on Old Skool Tunes
What up !!
Not bad ..and yourself ?
Good track BTW
onyx slam sounds like it would go well with this....YBT = Good stuff
Djed once or twice lol
Ha.. my friend and I are head bouncing
i'm 38..he's 43
both DJs
ahhhh..age maybe beat.. but happily battle lol
I always appreciate a Good DJ
What up ROB..
I was just talking about you.. I said dude has more pajamas lol
never seen you DJ in pants lmao
humps in a bump might go good with this
MC Hammer
good mix.. humpty dance works 2
don't let me fuck up your mix.. I was just chillin ..thinking out loud
NSight.. why you gotta invade lmao
Hey Mafu
if you would like welcome to join us
yes sir
Bringing in some of the Best !!
once joined
you will be able to go to crew page.. go live right from it
and it will tag you as part of the crew
i'm working on a main one..
but anything decepticon related is cool
My only rule is... Play like you mean it..each and every time..
I know Rob
we set it up that way
almost old school days.. gonna be fun
its crack/me/you/merlin
should be fun..
Let me know what your gonna do
i will lead you right into it
No idea what crack is gonna do yet.. but I will come off his.. change genres.. then change again to leed into whatever you are gonna do
that way we got steady set all the way.. be dope
What up Blaster !!
yeah.. who joined us...HA hehehehe
Autobots can lick my Energon !!!
I know lol
Everyone meet my homie.. Blaster/Will
you would Rob.. go catch him..lol
had to crack a joke on it
it is cool
lmao... I'm not trying to get shot in someones yard lol
brb....shower quick
Good lol
Pansy !! lol
Stop Faking a Job Mafu
DJing is.the "ONLY" job
I'm not Pro either....
That i Do..
I'll be pro when I make Mills
Technically pro with 20 years in.. and get paid.. but Going for more !!
Easy money
you know he left the show cause he was balding
yep... I'm full of retarded knowledge lmao
ok..I'm gonna dip bro !!
Have a good night !!
you 2 !!
March 24th
SOUND WAVE made 3 comments on Friday Night Beatz
lol.. SW is fine paul
Arne just has his ways
Night all !! see ya soon !!