April 16th
Little unknown fact but when I'm live he's normally running around room in his ball. You'll see me from time to time tripping up over him as I can't hear him with headphones on lol
Haha his cage is just out of shot i'll show you next time. Two cats aswell Ian & Valarie. I swear to god thats there real names haha
There not bothered by him for some reason
cya 2moro ragg
Awsome Tuna \o/
April 16th
how do you upload pics to chat?
want to upload my own. show you my studio hamster called Richard
Yeah he lives in the studio lol
just posted it in comments on chew community for this show
haha someone brought him one night and left him here so we got him a cage and he's been here ever since that was about a year ago lol
April 14th
wheeey I made it
Smoke machine. You win the studio of the year just from that alone :)
April 14th
got to be something simple I'm missing
no but just noticed it says its struggling think it's down to cpu
it's saying around 30% on obs no frames dropped and speeds fast enough. Really weird
only concern is trying to build up a following and when people watch it back it lags so people get disinterested
haha true tbf i do same
thats why it's took me so long to start livestreaming had this account since very beginning of chew. we get loads online listeners but there is almost no interaction at all
give you an example we have 134 listeners tuned in but no ones contacted the station since tuesday lol other than texts from mostly my mates haha
Yeah I should be free
yeah ive only just started using chew but have been dropping by a few shows
lucky enough to be able to watch at work aswell haha
Bit like the blog.tv days we still have a large group of dj's that used to play off one channel and support each others shows. If it works out on here and i'm going to convince them all to join thing they were about 30 of us in total
shveeeeeet :)
Right Jaaaaaam
Haha brilliant
bobbom bobbom brrrrrrrrrra they gottca
i tryed earlier but made it worse somehow and it stopped what would you drop it too?
650 lol
is it too low as daft as it sounds
done it with 1000 in the past seemed ok
wired ethanet
justed upped it to 1000
i know it weird says it's not dropped. Only thing I can think is cos it's a HD cam the bit rate was too low for it to work. God knows haha
Yo Danger
happy friday everyone woooooooooooooooooo
Mr lover lover like shabba and all the peng tings in the manor. Best lyric ever haha
lets throw some genres out there i'll chop and change them :)
I'm desperate for a haircut i've just realised haha
Can we have everyones real names or names or nicknames shoutout time coming up see if we can bring some listeners to the chat
Does video seem ok now I bumped it up?
same ere must of been too low god knows
Ah that makes more sense bet it way too low. How much is it for chew plus btw wanting to subscribe just to give something back
I run it through an i5 with 8gb of ram this is the only thing its running so should manage it I would of thought but i'm no expert at all lol
pc it's running off I have a mac but only for music
can you pay more lol as daft as it sounds I think it's worth more
See you later dude thats for dropping by :)
sweet must have been too low
That should be good
yeah sunday think i'm djing on monday afternoon
Looking forward too it :)
what kinda dance sub genres are everyone into?
na I'm not into that oldskool trace is closest i will ever go. Whats your favorite though?
Same here - Right let's get techy to start off
An up an up
Any trouble with the sound or vid yet mine just glitched?
gonna be me in a few more beers coma'd cat weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
that is actually me
Gonna have to call it a night absolute disaster with the stream don't know whats going wrong
need help with the encoder settings if anyone can help
thanks guys been put off all night with it going down all the time :(
could be but is anyone else having problems?
hahaha right we going to another show? like a bar crawl this but don't need to leave your seat haha
ah thats it somehow fell out of my broadcast area and couln't ghet it back hahha
yep on the way
April 14th
Just restarted it should be back hopefully
as daft as it sounds if the bitrate is too low can that make it stop?
was 650 just jumped it up to 1000 on vid connection should be fine got 50mb upload on ethanet cable
seems to be better now weird
Sheffield UK/Rotherham main studio's in Rotherham
where abouts are you based?
threw me abit when stream went back on form now haha
Cig break back in 2
been tweeking it for ages we have it really over compressed so it's the loudest on internetradio.com cos for some reason it brings in more listeners lol
Used to hammer this when it first came out
Yooo Kraz
Has the video gone again?
what should it be roughly?