Simbiosis studio Hilversum The Netherlands
August 31st
Thanks guys for switching over :D
I just don't know if this platform has the same problems as facebook
Do you know something about that?
GREAT :D Let's enjoy the music again :D
Ah yes I heard in the FB chat... same problems as we have with FB?
huh the stream is still running?
ah yes here on chew it is, or do you mean on FB? I'm getting confused.. sorry haha :P
haha ok then we're on the same page again :D
yes... everyone should just switch over to chew then :D
Well it's great you are here NOW lostlunchtrev :D and we are also recording it so you can listen to it online after it's finished anytime you want :)
YEah!!! :D
We have used this platform before.. when chew just started... but when we experienced problems here we switched over to facebook despite the lesser quality...
BUt now it seems to have improved :D
happy :D and so great that so many of you moved with us to Chew :D
Thank you :D
Yeah this amazing :D we are rocking it out here in the studio as well :D Let's dance
Heeeeeey Les! Gezellig dat je er bent
Ja toch :D
Time to space out!
ah yes we have trouble with not moving to the beat as well hahah :D
T-minus 7 until Geck-o is finished and bitface will takeover :D
Did I hear.... "voodoo people"? :D
Ah yes! :D welcome back Carl
Haha it's good to switch it up between two styles Carl.. guaranteeeee you won't get bored and onlye MORE HYPED haha :D
Jazeker! wordt opgenomen Carl :D
And now it's bitface on the decks with a psychedelic bass music taster ;)
Zeker! die mogen we niet vergeten
haha tipsy wimsky is hier hooorrrr :P
en we hebben nog bier :P
We love having you here and enjoying the vibes :D
Only 2 more minutes to go! We loved having you and hoped you enjoyed the music! Until next time ❤️
Last song
Sleep well everyone
January 20th
Simbiosis studio made 6 comments on SSN - Misterius
good mornig everybody
nice to see you all here
whoop whoop
misterius wil blow you away
hahaha hoppa
love you guys
December 24th
wij kijken mee en groetjes en woef van Q en Q
December 23rd
tanks for listening!
Thanks massimo!
December 9th
laatste track
December 9th
Simbiosis studio made 13 comments on SSN - RQ Rumble
ja man
en goede cam met capture kaart
jou cam is gevonden
ja jou webcam is gevonden die gebruiken we nu niet
ja toch
hij doet 1080 p maar dan 30fps dus heb ik hem 720 p op 60 fps
ja maar als invoer bron naar obs is hoger beter daarna maakt obs ervan wat hij wilt
volgens de tutorial wel
dus dab naar zo
singo says hellooooo!!!!
October 1st
Simbiosis studio made 5 comments on SSN Loezle
jojo wimski
alles lekker
ey maus hoe is ie dan? :D
jaaaaa zal ik doen! blues is wel heeeeel wat anders haha veel plezier :D
haha snap ik over smaak valt niet te twisten ;0