Psychofrakulator Recklinghausen, Germany
April 22nd
I hope my bandwith is good enough, because my sis is on Netflix
But I didn't want to cancel another show.
Had to do this too often lately
March 26th
I hope everything works fine
thanks, doing my best to pick good ones :)
yeah, I'm glad that style is coming back :)
Okay, that'S the last one for todnight. Gotta make a backpain break. (Which is also the reason for the not so great mixing in the last 20 or so minutes)
Thanks for listening,
March 26th
Psychofrakulator went live
March 17th
I hope everything is working fine, please tell me if not :)
October 12th
So let's see where this day gonna take us musicwise
I just wanted to push the hype button, but there is no hype button on Chew. Chew needs hype buttons!
Nice, it's getting funky
Yessssss, I was worried that I would miss Basement Jaxx. (I guess I still missed at least 25 minutes of them.)
Thanks, I had to drop in and out today and wasn'T logged in all the time
I have a pizza in my freezer. Is 9:30pm on a workday too late to make it?
Arf arf, do the doggy bounce
Bonus if you get the reference
Aciiiiiiiiiiied! \o/
My pizza is just salami. :(
Still better than no pizza, though
Pizza improves everything. Even the party parrot
Now I gotta to PP. brb
(ruining an already bad joke with a typo...)
Pizza Party! Pizza people! People pizza! People dance!
Pizza = instant karma points
everywhere a vibe vibe
Old McDonald had a vibe. Vibey vibey o