Produkt Seattle Seattle, Washington
April 24th
Is this the song request line?
id like to request some brittany speasrs
aslo can you make him stop dancing....only spiritdancer need apply
i just want to do it again
"it" being the operational word
ok thats pretty dope
March 27th
Produkt Seattle made 5 comments on ETT 3/26/2019
are you operatin
jesus camera iss shaking
must be some bazzzzzzzzz
where are all the girls?
sound went Away?
March 4th
o9h hey
this os my first chew stream
still learinging
just bought the subscriptio to that they can store it until we get the site dialed in
you guys seattle then?
danksey is fo sho
March 4th
OK here we go
hows the sound
thisis ourfirst onme