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Phoole and the Gang | Show #271 | Last show for 3 weeks! | 10 May 2019 in PHULU Nation

May 10th

Visuals by Switzon S. Wigfall III (www.switzonwigfall.com) and more!

Tune List:

PDA - Manatee Commune
Roma - Pizzicato Five
Romantico Starlight - Bob Sinclar, The Supermen Lovers, Robbie Williams
Feelz That (Original Mix) - Msystem
Billions (Betoko & Mason mix) - TONALD DRUMP
Loving You Baby (Weiss Remix) - The Tribe Of Good
Yoruba (Original Mix) - Leventina
Push the Tempo (Original Mix) - Me & My Toothbrush
Music Speaks Louder Than Words (Doug's Jazzfunkadisco Mix) - Doug Willis
Resemblance (Original Mix) - Sons Of Maria
Reason - Cats Hero
Your Hands - Sunscreem
Something Good - Utah Saints
It Doesn't Stop - The Young Punx
Dance With Someone Else (Phunk Investigation Mix) - The Young Punx
Baker Street (Extended Mix) - Dj Ross & Marvin
Ready For The Weekend (Fake Blood Remix) - Calvin Harris
Machines Can Do the Work (Reset Remix) - Fatboy Slim & Hervé
The Heat - Penguin Prison
Drop It Hard - The Young Punx
Midnight Moon (M83 vs CCR) - LeeDM101
Radio Gaga (FINAL DJS Space Disco Rework) - Queen
Dopeness (feat. Imagine This) [Beatvandals Remix] - Prosper & Stabfinger
Dance Alone - Beau Battant
GEBA - Hyper Lion
Chocolate Lasagne - DEEZGUYZ
The White Room - The KLF
Rockall (Album Mix) - The Young Punx
REROIA - Hyper Lion

Phoole has big stuff to do and won’t be on the air for the next three weeks - so feast on these two hours stuffed with heavyweight JAMs, including piping-hot fresh new tunes from Manatee Commune, Msystem, Tonald Drump (with Betoko & Mason on remix duties), Doug Willis, Me & My Toothbrush, Penguin Prison, #PhooleMusicHeroes The Young Punx, and more! Phoole assigns homework while she’s gone - everyone has to read KLF: CHAOS MAGIC MUSIC MONEY by J.M.R. Higgs and be ready to discuss it when she’s back on the air. And maybe an Aardvark will fill in for her while she’s gone! Hit the links below to embark on a Phooleathon in the between-times to catch up on 6 years of Phoole & the Gang!
Become a Phoole Patreon Patron! patreon.com/phoole

tech house DRUM & BASS indie dance nu-DISCO jackin house SOULFUL HOUSE Funky House big beat eclectic disco house FUNKY BREAKS synthwave wholesome phoole@phoole.com

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