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Phoole and the Gang | Show #266 | Early April Phooles’ Day! | 29 Mar 2019 in PHULU Nation

March 29th

Visuals by Switzon S. Wigfall III (www.switzonwigfall.com) and more!

Tune List:

Fool - Roisto
Roma - Pizzicato Five
Ship of Fools - Tom Bailey
Upside Down (Original Mix) - Mart
Smile (vocal mix) (Moonbootica Remix) - Etienne de Crécy
Smile (House Of Virus Remix) - Sheila Gordhan
Aulos - Vladimir Cauchemar
Dum Dum - Kideko
Funhouse Girl - Anna Haim
Simple (feat. Ace) (Original Mix) - StereoCool
High Five! - Jackie
Upside down - Max Raabe & Palast Orchester
Je M'amuse - Caravan Palace
Happy Feet (High Heels Mix) - Jack Hylton & His Orchestra
Happy Go Lively - Laurie Johnson
Classics Of The Contemporary Drama: "The Idiot" - Bill Murray/Christopher Guest
Give stupidity a chance - Pet Shop Boys
Dare to Be Stupid - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Let's Be Natural - The Rutles
The Mayor Of Simpleton (LP Version) - XTC
What Kind of Fool Am I? - Vince Guaraldi
You're The Fool (2014 Remaster) - Slynk
Foolishness (Vocodub Mix) - Bxentric
Mrs. Bagwell's Rhumba - Iain Ballamy
Reflections (Evan Garnter Remix) - Misterwives
What a Fool Believes - The Doobie Brothers
The Mirror Song - Thomas Dolby
Lose My Mind - KNOWER
The Joker (feat Bootsy Collins) - Fatboy Slim
Simple Pleasures - The Young Punx
Don't You Go Out of My Mind - High Contrast
Shopping On Acid - Skeewiff & Laurie Johnson
I'll Take You Dreaming - Danny Kaye & Vic Schoen and His Orchestra

The Phooligans in the chat at chew.tv/phoole FOOL PHOOLE into thinking the tune ‘Upside Down’ was originally by Phil Collins. IT WASN’T. It was by the A*Teens originally. Whew! #AprilFoolsDay is on a MONDAY this year. What a rip-off! So because Phoole is the Official Fool of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Phoole & the Gang is celebrating early with a show all about Fools and their milieu: owls, mirrors, artificials and naturals, hot takes on truth to power, and What a Phoole Believes! We also dabble in divination with the Ship of Fools Tarot deck by Brian Williams. Learn about Phoole’s Fool life at phoole.com/jane!
Become a Phoole Patreon Patron! patreon.com/phoole

tech house drum & bass Electro-Swing indie dance nu-DISCO soulful-house FUNKY HOUSE eclectic DISCO HOUSE FUNKY BREAKS synthpop wholesome eclectic radio

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