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Phoole and the Gang | Show #256 | Honor Your Skeleton | 11 Jan 2019

January 12th

Visuals by Switzon S. Wigfall III (www.switzonwigfall.com) and more!

Tune List:

Made In France - Minimatic
Roma - Pizzicato Five
Horizon - Anna Haim
Expedition - Hyper Potions and Nokae
Buddy Burger - X-Ray Ted
Celebrate the Moment - Silverella
I Feel Free - David Bowie
Stranger - Leu Leu Land Feat. Billy Boothroyd
Atari (Hotmood Vol 8) - Hotmood
What I Need (Late Night Mix) - Skeleton Keys
I’ll Be Loving You (feat. IVAR) (Re-Tide’s Disco Mix) - Kraak & Smaak
Let's Dance (The Penelopes Remix) - David Bowie
Djighen (Shorty & Rion Remix) - Marietto feat. Astou G
Turning It up for the Sunshine (Friend Within Remix) - The Tribe Of Good
Alla Turca - Balduin
Night Music - The Young Punx
Peace and Love, Inc. - Information Society
Whatcha Get - Anna Haim
Love Love Love - The Johnny Fresh Experience
Life Change - Christian B & Lavvy Levan
Morning Sun - Hiphoppapotamus
Gimme Honey - The Young Punx
Thursday's Child - David Bowie
Le Hipe Hope - Minimatic
Bombshells (Father Funk Remix) - Illvis Freshly
Ambient Recovery - High Contrast
Parisian Jaunt (Main) - SKEEWIFF

Phoole’s been broadcasting for over five years - but that doesn’t stop her from making a super-noob mic fail right at the top of the show! It’s OK though - the music and the Phooligans more than make up for it for the rest of the night. There’s Mozart, and more Bowie tributes after the week that is essentially the Passion of David Bowie. Phoole is Thursday’s child and does have far to go! She wishes she spoke more German and had more than 2 hours to fill with tunes - thank you for helping make the time fly by so fast every week!
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tech house drum & bass indie dance nu-DISCO JACKIN HOUSE soulful house FUNKY HOUSE big beat eclectic DISCO HOUSE FUNKY BREAKS wholesome

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