July 14th
long work week done :)
awesome set Geo
streaming on twitch as well tonight
see u in a few
July 7th
Sleep well Tammy
Last track everyone <3
lol thats the Maschine Mk2
just got a another crane stand
for super cheap
lol $11 on Amazon
was a screw up by amazon
supposed to be $100
Cheers CC :) thanks for coming \
Cheers Geo see u all next week with DP B2b
later :)
July 7th
been taking care of 3 kids for a week needed a later start
yep Daddy daycare
Hey CC :)
Np Geo
might be
lmao I just changed the time
Still the same stream
cheers Geo
only doing an hour tonight guys
July 7th
Live now
Been so for 6 min
U all misssd the first track
Didn’t have time I was starting an hour later seemed pretty straight forward
July 7th
starting in 2 min
June 23rd
haha I can look for it
Yea I can play it a bit later
Thanks Amber
Glad you are enjoying
Sort of were in club beats talked to him a few times
Yea hes not bad
needs to work on track selection a bit imo but that comes with time
cool sounds good
takes a long time to learn
cool so u live near Chicago
thats cool
I like to tell a story through music
think of rolling hills when u mix trance Amber
sure do
played a track already by him Polarize
Donair meat
one more then your track Jeret :)
thanks Jeret haha lots of practice
yea thats what took the longers for me
umm its the wotofo Recurve
my mike vapes thebest rda I have had
by *
TGIF Mary have a great weekend
I turn 38 on Sunday almost over the hill lol
Cheers everyone
last track :D
I can send u the mix after if u want Jeret
Yea just gotta edit the missing sound at the start and end then I will send it over
nite Amber thanks for staying
yea man so good
Thanks for suggesting this its been awhile
np :)
used to requests I did weddings for 3 years of my learning to be a dj
some of the best experience I have ever had man Its so great to have that musical background of tracks
yea man thats for sure
tty in a bit on fbook