May 19th
we out here :)
April 21st
dope, will check it out
Last track - Thanks everyone :)
April 20th
Ready to go live in 20. Sign in to chat! :)
April 16th
Thanks! Playing a set tonight with similar tracks. More to come next week :)
April 6th
Logan Boggs made 12 comments on Akron Underground 02
thisis my favorite track right now
quell - takes forever
love everything about it
the bassline is superunique
sub bass is awesome
bicep ftw
lol this track makesmy speakers pop
always on my mind pirupa remix
this next mix is gonna be good
last track, thanks guys :)
cya next week weddnesday 6pm Eastern
glad you enjoyed it :D
April 6th
Logan Boggs made 3 comments on Akron Underground 02
We live!
more ridic vocals inbound
April 6th
Yeeee :)
March 31st
Anyone who wants any tracks just give me timestamp and I'll get it to you
March 30th
And we live :)