June 13th
Yeah boiii
Ominous is a boss
June 10th
Mittz and Din yussssss
June 6th
My man
B2b love
Kamotion for the win.
January 10th
Yo homies
December 19th
Hey peeps
December 12th
kmfhustle made 2 comments on Aimless Audio 12-12-2018
Yo yo yo
What is this 93.4
December 5th
kmfhustle made 3 comments on Aimless Audio
Much love
November 14th
Hey people
November 7th
kmfhustle made 3 comments on Aimless Audio 07-11-2018
Hey monsieur Shaun
Hey guys
November 7th
Hey brother bear
October 31st
October 31st
Hey yo peeps
October 24th
October 10th
Hey peeps
October 3rd
Hey homie
September 29th
Yeah boy. I iz ere
September 6th
Chur to the Katz
Dangerust cheers for the advertisement on mastah mynds big ups
still thanks to the mention no matter the way it falls into peoples laps
its is so the appreciation is definetly there brother in arms