September 17th
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should be up
my dude isn't here yet, so I'm running a mix atm while I get all my chat notifications set up.
whats good?
is your audio coming through weird?
it's fine on twitch and youtube, someone commented and said the audio was weird here
thanks friend!
United States, Florida here
js = just sayin?
you probably saw my wife walk in
thanks, I did this one a few weeks ago
I'll actually be mixing here in just a few
trying to promote and wait for my friend to get here
I'm just copying the show link into my Facebook feed?
to be sure, I don't
you can barely see the back of my chair
it's in the left cam
likewise my dude!
that's AJ
my dude
he was coming from a wedding expo
usually we try to start around 4pm
Thanks friend!
what's good friend?
just joined the discord
thanks for the invite
we are Gainesville, Florida here (home of the University of Florida "Gators" if you keep up with football at all)
appreciate the love
I don't
yeah, i'm on pizza
that's my homie Mellow Blendz (AJ)
Imma refil my drink...then we switch
i was playing for an hour before he got here, Sunday's I take breaks for whiskey and
it's all gucci
this is our first time on Chew. we try to get together every other Sunday for sessions.
we appreciate the love my dude
I'll get him involved fa sho
I bumped it up a bit, good or no?
I'm pretty high in the yellow on the master in on OBS
I'll adjust in a sec
fa sho
thanks, gotchu