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August 8th
May 10th
big up guys :)
February 11th
Thanks for tuning in! :) DJ Phrase is up now followed by Tru Troopa and then myself Chill Will!
We're backed up by the venerable Caddy Cad and international MC Zee!!! Whitewolf and Brockout are unable to make it due to weather but they're here in spirit!
Big up Mojo!
Tru Troopa in the mix!!!!!
February 6th
Thanks for tunning in! If you drop by don't be afraid to say Hi! :D
December 9th
Yo what up fam <3 ?
December 5th
Thank you for tuning in :)
We'll be back next month! in the meantime give us a follow over on facebook -
November 7th
A massive thank you and shoutout to everyone that's tuned in and locked on :)
Don't forget we do this the first Tuesday of every month!!! Head over to to stay up to date :D
Thanks for everyone tunning in! We'll be back next month!!!
September 4th
Thank you for tuning in!!!!
August 26th
Big up!!!
Big up to the man Polaris!
Prestin3 and Brockout stepping up!!!!
August 8th
Thank you to everyone tuned in and locked on :D
May 23rd
thanks for the feedback :)
I'm recording too so i'm trying to not clip anything :)
Thanks for tuning in :)
May 21st
Thanks for tuning in!!!!
The one and only Shrive is going innnnnnnnnnnnnn! lol
May 11th
Thanks for tuning in :)
Ehmon just stepped off Krahlah steppin in!!!!!!
What's up? Thanks for tuning in :)
June 2nd
herp derp