iamslammin SF Bay Area, CA - USA
December 7th
Thank you all. Love ya
December 7th
hi Ladies
lots going on, we have our sponsors, video and live djs, all on the screen at the same time
no other broadcast has this
Sandy, on of the primary contributors to the new format here on the broadcast. Love ya girl!
When is the trip up north?
welcome FB peeps if your just now joining us
the party has started
Sup Alex
people who share the link will be in the running for a "Let the rhythm take you" cap, courtesy of the Rhythm Unit (raffle)
sup Abe
who wants a "Let the rhythm take you" baseball cap, please share the link on your FB and social media...(raffle winner will be posted on the Rhythm Unit FB group page)
sup Jon!
please scroll up for info to win a exclusive prize from the Rhythm Unit fb group
yup yup
Hi Tiger!!!!
Dj Sav on the 1s and 2s
sup Shannon
The Rhythm Unit (led by Sandy & Brenda) will be the top FB group in 2019
Selena Mega Mix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
get well Brendan. Best wishes
Keep the rhythm!!!!
yes, speedy recovery bro!
please follow me (if you haven't done so ) http://www.instagram.com/iamslammin
thanks Brendan!
Thanks Loco, you following me?
thx Bren
protein shakes brotha
protein health bars, all that
it'll get better, just give it time
who wants a "Let the rhythm take you" baseball cap? Share the video on your FB page and be in the raffle :)
Sup Marv, see you next Month !!!!!!!!!!!
actually Sandy, I'll be in Vegas, to hangout with him
Bday celebration :)
if anything, i
'i'll be at his gig
no worries, no mixshow broadcasts will be missed :)
happy holidays to all!
November 29th
sorry for the glitch video. Comcast is updating there servers
November 21st
sup peeps
Koyrynn is coming up live
November 15th
hi yall
please add www.facebook.com/iamslammin
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November 8th
November 8th
working on a fix , brb
October 31st
add me on FB:http://www.facebook.com/iamslammin
please add me ;)
October 26th
whatsup people!
October 11th
September 28th
https://chew.tv/iamslammin/ slammin-mixshow-3
hows the audio everyone
yeah, sorry, its a internet glitch, as long as the audio is good
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September 14th
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