January 6th
Technical difficulties on dj's end lol
DJ Skillz vs DJ Bigtime with Skillz up first
BIGTIME is now djingg
August 30th
August 30th
Hyp3rLynx made 7 comments on OBS TEST VIDEO
thank you!
thank you so much!
i followed back. appreciate that mate
nope US lol
nice lol
August 17th
Lol hiiii. is it fucking up again?
August 2nd
omg guess what kylie
kaylee* lol
i got my mic!!!! :3
i'm just waiting on speakers now
i think i get them on the third
man been so tired and busy :(
lolol that's why i set up this podcast on the middle of the week as a pep
kinda like an energy drink xD
is there sound?
not again :/
fucking spectrum
is it better?
i shouldve restarted internet before streaming
oh well i gotta continue because it'll record
i also noticed the shit i said like way earlier
was delayed lol
there is but if there's a latency issue the delay is bigger
fml no wonder why there's not alot of ppl watching xD
i swear when chew existed. i never had latency issue. chew has a lot of users
i mean
Mixify lmao
before mixify integrated with chew
dammit please chew stahp
or my internet lol
if there's a lag issue that means i have to keep broadcasting even after 2 hours is done so it'll record the whole thing.. xD
oh well i'll just save this tracklist for a better day. lol.
urgh yeah
-_- lol
but i gotta continue so it'll save
fucking spectrum -_-
bet ya dial up will still work better than spectrum
lolol aww damn okay
is it still lagging?
fuc.. yes it is
what movie thing?
btw when's that event thing you and chris are setting up?
i gotta prep. plus put it in my schedule lol
will it be earlier?
i start school the 20th :(
i was just making announcements and talking about social media accounts
trueee lol
plus i won't be booked much the first few weeks of school
Mannnn. I am still sophomore xD
Thinking about going full time but still gotta work and stuf
oh man i just got done right... and the track that's currently playing was not even in the 2nd hour yet lol
it is that far behind -_-
it's probably like on the 2/4th part
July 19th
hmmm weird lol
this track so epic
see i told u its' spectrum
u have 100mbps and it's still cutting
ohhh lol
like what?
true.. but are u streaming while gaming?
this song is by DJ Stephani3
lolol it was still better than 360
bruh psytrance is gonna make a come back
lol shit is poppin
some of the tracks i downloaded have cuts in the front part of it and stuff wonder why
ppl usually just spam emojis lol
ima stream for 30 more minutes i have more tracks i wanna play
literal goosebumps rn lol
i think i think it's time to whip out midnight tyrannosaurus
alright bro lolol
yeah no stream next week since my parents will be here
thanks lolol
i went ham on that shit
LOLOL ight bro
and send me the thing.. speaker pics
i cant believe i had up to 7 viewers earlier lol