May 2nd
Sup Furball & Jrad
May 1st
Hi Gamlor & Furball
Been playing with the visuals
April 18th
Hi furball, how's your week been?
All good, playing in town tomorrow night and then celebrating 4/20 at 4:20am
April 17th
How's it 8pm here
Thanks for TUNEing in
Sup bro
How's it Gamlor
hi furball
April 11th
Come round Mittz
Mikey bought ciders
10pm is early enough ;)
Ahhh thats been a bit of a thing in the past
Sometimes depends on whether you clicked the link through fb or your browser
katzbii: aww cheers ffurball
April 10th
April 3rd
he hasn't learn't that trick yet
yeah, he only knows dog tricks. His name is Matrix after the dnb producer
Nah his mother is called Tali after MC Tali
March 28th
looks like we've got a connection issue
March 27th
what shall I play tonight
I might get lost if I play jungle
I'll never play house
I love Home
Bass Radio
Hi Gamlor
how about some wilkinson?
oh yes Neuro is the best
March 26th
sup everyone
yeah sweet as
March 19th
Sup bro, how are you?
yea sweet as
March 18th
Chur bro
Thanks for tuning in guys
March 14th
You're a fiddler
at the request of you all, the fiddle has in fact been turned up
Love you Xephex xx
Is it a bermuda triangle?
I got a fever
doooo eeet
just saw ya comment JC, howwwwssittt?? -mitch
Ruces mxing live with hannah fang