July 10th
Sup Heath & Jo3l
June 17th
How's it
Sweet as
June 13th
@chew why are the plays not going up?
June 12th
No it's not
There has been dubstep played before
D-Low and I think C-West too
I've mixed dubstep before too
She's from Hamilton I think
Lives in AKL thouhg
Good point Gatty
Nothing beats dnb imo
I've not listened to any of their mixes. I don't listen to other djs except live usually
I like to find my own tunes/blends without being influenced by others
except for that occasional tune that's an absolute banger and needs to be stolen/ID'd
June 11th
sweet az
Nice, might be able to have a jam, you use CDJs?
Hit us up when you're up
June 5th
Hey ffurball
We all know Moon
BCee & LSB
Being 6'8 i'd probably not like that
May 2nd
Sup Furball & Jrad
May 1st
Hi Gamlor & Furball
Been playing with the visuals
April 18th
Hi furball, how's your week been?
All good, playing in town tomorrow night and then celebrating 4/20 at 4:20am
April 17th
How's it 8pm here
Thanks for TUNEing in
Sup bro
How's it Gamlor
hi furball
April 11th
Ahhh thats been a bit of a thing in the past
Sometimes depends on whether you clicked the link through fb or your browser
katzbii: aww cheers ffurball