Herzog Hideout Oakland, California
January 6th
Herzog Hideout made 42 comments on Sunday Sessions 39
Hi hi hi
First one - Albert Ayler - Angels
Daniel Lentz - O-Ke-Wa
Tenko & Ikue Mori - Hearse
Orchestra Pelegongan or Abian-Kapas - Legong
Seni Sana Sini - Skala #3
Michael R. Bernstein - Marion
Five or Six - Consider This
Thomas Bush - Down Street
Afrikan Sciences - Aytefiyods
Moev - Wanting (Dub Mix)
DREAMSCAPE - Forevermore
This one - Ali Berger - Theme for Hamtramck City Hall
Oh dang! I'm not sure! The last one was off this release: https://www.discogs.com/Dreamscape-Welcome-To-Our-New-Age-House/master/1463414
Looks like 94/95
reissued last year
Pascal Hetzel - Dust
Yak - Ocean Floor
Pomassl - Osram Amalgam (Amalgate Remix)
We're in Oaklan
Lara Sarkissian - the Wave's recountal
yeah, bay area
Lowground - Refresh Four
Is it raining down there?
It's been raining non-stop the past few days up here
it's kinda nice actually... relaxing
Onur Ozer - Anxbuster
Steve Glencross - Drive By
Bandulu - Guidance
really messed up that blend lol
Kyborg - Poly Acid Morph Basic Track
Fast Floor - Plight of the Innovators
UR - Maroon
DJ Orange Julius - BLVD
Bernd Friedmann - Jazzkeller
Thanks for tuning in!
Simon Finn - Patrice
December 9th
Herzog Hideout made 36 comments on Sunday Sessions 38
Hi hi hi!
First one is Andrew Hill - Today
Suara Semara - Pendet Pamendakan
hope your sunday's going well
Rimarimba - The One that Got Away
Kazumi Watanabe - Gourd-Top-Mouse
Fra Lippo Lippi - Shouldn't Have to be Like That
The Detroit Escalator Co. - Abstract Forward Motion
Triton - Green II
Pepe Bradock - Gradno
Black Noi$e - Wakeup
Marquis Hawkes - Tunnel
DJ Yoav B - Energize
Interplanetary Prophets - Burning Chrome
Bass Clef vs Frak - Strange Gait
lol accurate!
Floor 99 - Untitled 99
Paul Birken - Hip Flop
Kessel Vale - Voguing Geisha
Interstellar Fugitives - Moor Horseman on Bolarus 5
Adrenalin - Track This
Autokinetic - Antenna
Second 90's Minneapolis techno cut of the day
Jody 'Fingers' Finch - Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ Acid Instrumental)
Justin Berkovi - Mein Nisika
Shelley Parker - Angel Oak (Ploy Remix)
NHK'Koyxeи - 762
I think it was the Ploy remix above ^
Vessel - Paplu (Love That Moves The Sun)
No - Und Madchenjunge Wartet Auf Delkhaz Am Grab
Model Home - Big Body
they are great - pat cain on electronics & nappy nappa on vocal :)
this one's Viola Klein - N'aie pas peur
this is our last track, thanks so much for tuning in!
Elliott Sharp - Wrap It Up
November 11th
Herzog Hideout made 22 comments on Sunday Sessions 37
First one - Ingus Baušķenieks - 19.10.89
Domenique Dumont - +371
Sapphire Slows - Mallets & Marbles
Jasper Van't Hof - Pili Pili (Wrong Speed)
Andy Mac - Secret Shade
this one is Underground Evolution - Soul Searcher
Jovonn / Goldtones - It's Gonna be Alright
A2 - Wurdz
SW:SVN - Untitled A1
oh shit, really?
thanks, we're trying to fix !
better now?
Marie Davidson - Workaholic Paranoid Bitch
getting so hype up in here
Sorry we missed a bunch of scrobbles lol
This one - Steven Julien - Roll of the Dice
Falty DL - Blush Acid
Sympletic - Ace Space
thanks for listening!