Herzog Hideout Oakland, California
September 16th
Herzog Hideout made 25 comments on Sunday Sessions 34
Hi hi hi
This one - Lingo & McDoo - Sanctuary City
Muxi - Arcade
Kid Loops - Alien Resident (wrong speed)
Violet - Poetry beauty romance love
LNR - Kream (The Bro Mix)
Cassie - Me & U (Instrumental)
R. Craig - Sittin' on Wet Grass
DJ Marfox - Drift Furioso
Will DiMaggio - Ooze Mix
Its Own Infinite Flower - One Night, A Six Pack & A 707
Robert Crash - Natil Box
Tommy Vicari Jr. - Desmos
Unless, W-Moon - A Fragment
Giant Swan - IANAH
Cube & Sphere - Rorschach
HVL - Sallow Myth
Barnt - Hark
Smagghe & Cross - ORBT (Smagghe & Cross Edit)
Plant of the week: Sansevieria ehrenbergii
808 Mate - Untitled
rkss - house, electro house, club house. Producer by hyder & Ribo. All the sounds are offered as 24bit WAV files and midi files which are
F.S. Blumm - Six Mbiras
Michele Mercure - Mother
T.L.A. - Ismalia
August 19th
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Hi hello
First one was Fousek / Hansen / Tellier-Craig - No Way of Knowing Side 1
This one - Max Eilbacher - Subtle Scatter
R. Girardin - Nth
A Produce - Healing Touch
Short-term Memory - Hysteria
Aspen - Inspired
Renegade Soundwave - Space Gladiator (Dub)
Scientific American - Saints of Infinity Part IV
Autumn - Towards Tokio Part 1
Nigel Richards - Acid Experiments Vol 2
Paul Woolford & Steve Mac - Guitar Jigalo
they crazy for this one
Grain - Untitled
HVL - When Rivers Flow
STL - Space Cats
object blue - Chipping at the kingdom
Sleep Engineer - The Landscape
Janet Jackson - Pleasure Principle (Special Request Offworld Remix)
Synesthasia - Stress
D + D - Vibralobos (Ro-k / Cid / R.Villalobos)
Grain - Son of Birth. Son
Somehow a different Grain than the one I played earlier lol
Kontravoid - Disclosure
Dan Physics - Cannot Find Words
Kiki Kudo - Freakey Ke Ke
Photonz - Gnosis of Wolfers
Neinzer - Horus
Category - 03
VXO - Over Easy
Yukihiro Takahashi - This Island Earth
Last one from us for today, thanks for listening!
It was a weird one lol
August 12th
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No Artist - 浅間山麓のD51
Eleventeen Eston - I Float, I Am Free
Wayne Horvitz, Butch Morris, and Robert Previte - Overs
Charles Bestor - Variations for Violin and Piano Duo with Electronic Synthesizer
Computer Soup - Soft Binilu
Metasplice - Cirrension
Some Truths - Bound Upon a Wheel of Fire
Gen Ludd - Restraint
oo nic3
Sutekh - Trinkets
Clara! y Maoupa - Discordia
Tobias Schmidt - They Know
John T. Gast - Drith
Steve Reich - Four Sections (Andrea Parker Remix)
Lorenzo Senni - The Shape of Trance To Come ( The Tale Of Us Remix)
G.E.N. - Times Square Part 3
Plant of the week - Rebutia Donaldiae
there's top dressing of those rocks and then different mix on the bottom but it's all well-draining!
Text Chunk - No Fun
hello lol
what' sup
Air Liquide - Uludag Part 1
Nah, we're in Oakland, California
We live on Herzog St lol
Nihar - Seer
Norman - Balance
Quavius - Glass House
DBIT - Eating Lunch
can't id this one.. unknown from a comp that a friend put together
Alé - I Wanna Know (Nunez Dub)
Ase Manual - Oh Okay
Nappy Nappa - Bang Et On Em
This one is nuts
new on Future Times
Gonna be our last one, thanks for tuning in!
haha wow