Herzog Hideout Oakland, California
November 11th
Herzog Hideout made 23 comments on Sunday Sessions 37
Hi hi hi
First one - Ingus Baušķenieks - 19.10.89
Domenique Dumont - +371
Sapphire Slows - Mallets & Marbles
Jasper Van't Hof - Pili Pili (Wrong Speed)
Andy Mac - Secret Shade
this one is Underground Evolution - Soul Searcher
Jovonn / Goldtones - It's Gonna be Alright
A2 - Wurdz
SW:SVN - Untitled A1
oh shit, really?
thanks, we're trying to fix !
better now?
Marie Davidson - Workaholic Paranoid Bitch
getting so hype up in here
Sorry we missed a bunch of scrobbles lol
This one - Steven Julien - Roll of the Dice
Falty DL - Blush Acid
Sympletic - Ace Space
thanks for listening!
October 21st
Herzog Hideout made 25 comments on Sunday Sessions 36
Civilistjävel! - B1
Ron Anderson - Fever Dream
Standing on the Corner - OFF A LITTLE BIT
Fumble - Saft?
DJ Dog & Double Dancer - Pace Jam
E - Unity - 3.6
Spacetime Continuum - Pressure (Vertical Mix)
Eddie Flashin Fowlkes - Electricity
L.A. Williams - Cries of Joy
M//R - Among the Methods
Pantytec - A Glimpse
Big Zen - Buddon
Semblance Factor - Twisted Exterior
Deadboy - DEEMZ
Static - Touch Me Baby (The DJ's Dub)
Phase 2 - Paris/NY Instrumental
Tyree Cooper - Da Da (Git Up)
House Under The Moon - Direct Hit (Cevin's Lethal Mix)
ADNY + Moonchild - Afloat
LAPS - Who Me? (D. Tiffany & Roza Terenzi Remix)
Kingpin Cartel - Ghetto
Mongo Skato - A Mouth Erect Backing Track
Parallel System - At Last
Norrin Radd - The Danger of Webs & Flows
Pirchner-Pepl-Jazzwio - Drein Sein Beinander Bleibn
September 23rd
Herzog Hideout made 34 comments on Sunday Sessions 35
oh hi hello
John Surman - Mock Orange
Noco Music - Eclipse
Thomas Demenga & Heinz Reber - Cellorganic #4
Archie Shepp & Jasper Van't Hof - The Fifth of May
Absolute banger
Hola! How's your Sunday been/going?
thanks! <3 what club night? sounds cool :)
this one is GNR - Avarias
Niagara - Untitled
Oh sick! We love Carlos, a local legend!
Kambo Super Sound - Round Piece of Dub
yeah! we picked up a bunch in lisbon
Gemini - Le Fusion
Depeche Mode - Are People People? (Re-remixed by Adrian Sherwood)
Ectro Usic - Kratal (Upspeed Mix)
I gave up on trying to blend out of that Adrien Sherwood remix lol
Primitive World - Danceteria
Big Strick - Buckle Up!
Roza Terenzi - Rare High
I think.. i can never remember what's the A side or the B side
Aybee - A Novel Gesture
John T. Gast - Drith
Koan Dva - Electronote 05
Benny Ill - Dread Drumz Remix
Cron - Interrupt
Synclair - Synclair (Expander Remix)
Christopher Just - A Future Without Hair
House of 909 - The Main Event (16B Remix)
Unknown Artist - M-Theorie
SW:SVN - tx 77 hinten
Bob Moses & Billy Martin - Rumble in the Jungle
Virginia Astley - Summer Of Their Dreams
thanks 4 tuning in!
September 16th
Herzog Hideout made 18 comments on Sunday Sessions 34
R. Craig - Sittin' on Wet Grass
DJ Marfox - Drift Furioso
Will DiMaggio - Ooze Mix
Its Own Infinite Flower - One Night, A Six Pack & A 707
Robert Crash - Natil Box
Tommy Vicari Jr. - Desmos
Unless, W-Moon - A Fragment
Giant Swan - IANAH
Cube & Sphere - Rorschach
HVL - Sallow Myth
Barnt - Hark
Smagghe & Cross - ORBT (Smagghe & Cross Edit)
Plant of the week: Sansevieria ehrenbergii
808 Mate - Untitled
rkss - house, electro house, club house. Producer by hyder & Ribo. All the sounds are offered as 24bit WAV files and midi files which are
F.S. Blumm - Six Mbiras
Michele Mercure - Mother
T.L.A. - Ismalia