Herzog Hideout Oakland, California
March 3rd
Herzog Hideout made 31 comments on Sunday Sessions 42
hi hi hi
this one - Markus Stockhausen & Jasper Van't Hof - Silent Bell
Muhal Richard Abrams - Wise in Time
Card Two: The Jick or Mandrill's Cosmic Ass
Two Henry Threadgill cuts in a row
Pierre Courbois - Pedal Song
David Linton - Lumbago Dub
Wagon Christ - Filthy Drummer
Last one was Small Fish with Spine - High Fibre
This one - Silvania 3Lc (Seefeel Mix)
Madteo - Resident AlieNATION (Broken Steppers Riddim CLUB MIX)
P.H.O.R.K. - Juice the Stick
Keith Worthy - Karma ($ Of N.C. Mix)
LOGIC1000 - Precision
Lando - Octagon
OCB - Studio Felix
Octo Octa - I Need You
Thanks! :)
Second Language - The Party
Bambounou - Temple
ELLLL - G.E.O Corp Mix
Powder - New Tribe
Doc Sleep - Baltic Amber
SCRAAATCH - Don't Talk to Me
Iueke - Zonck
Djrum - Sex
NA DJ - Shape 4
quest?onmarc - GAG
Shiva Feshareki - Evolution Loop
Sebestyén Márta - Hegyen-völgyön (Making chaplets)
thanks for listening!
February 17th
Herzog Hideout made 29 comments on Sunday Sessions 41
Hi hi hi
Warren Burt - And the Archytan Transpositions 1
Scriabin - Opus 11
Jan Garbarek - Reflections
Ill Considered - Opener
Aki Onda - Towards a Place in the Sun
Adrian Belew - Beach Creatures Dancing Like Cranes
Bill Nelson - Watching My Dream Boat Go Down In Flames
Boli Group - Tension In Three Stages (Drama)
I.A.M. Umbrella - A Flint Fossil Heart
likewise - wonja & dan
Brilliant - Wait for it (Megacitymix)
Solvent - Hergly Bergly
Photonz - Hospital Aci
Coro - Where Are You Tonight? (For Dancing Only)
Jean-Louis Huhta - Viva La Differenze!
Lack - Multiplier
Spooky - Tungsten
Ronan - Tracheal Impulse
P&D - Vocal Drift
AceMo - Jelly Fish Jam
Untitled Orchestra - The Air Up There
Johnny Fiasco - Cycle
808 State - Cubik (King's County Dub)
TX Connect - Intramountains
Frankie Bones - Ruff Nex
Ase Manual - Alte Groove
The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa - Sooper Kosmos
January 27th
Herzog Hideout made 30 comments on Sunday Sessions 40
Julian Abraham 'Togar' - Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed 3 (Percussions)
Pablo's Eye - Austin, Texas
Heavenly Bodies - An Obsession
Francisco Franco - Hotel by the Railroad
Niagara - Jordao
Cyrnai - To Subtle-Drive
Cherushii & Maria Minerva - A Day Without You
Sean Deason - Zag
MD Connection - Frantic Machine (Helix Rmx)
God of the Machine - Nude Machine
Rod Lee - Mama Say Bullshit (remix)
Dennis Siemion - Empire
Precious - Definition of a Track
Harmony Funk - Time Zone
Kush Jones - They Should've Never Gave You Drums
Justin Berkovi - Necropoli
Mark Broom - Still Raving
Ibrahim Alfa - Artificial Sunsets
Moma Ready - Break Dream
Erotek - Visions of Invisible Green
Physical Therapy - Down Down
Duckett - She Answered Back Through No Medium
Shinichi Atobe - So Good, So Right 2
Margaret Dygas - Maybe May Be
Bass Clef - neon-joy threads
Brenda Hutchinson - Eeyah
Ellen Band - Closet Bird
Tyshawn Sorey - Template II
David Watson - Dexter 8
Michael Nyman - Five Orchestral Pieces for Opus Tree (Live at the Kitchen 1979)
January 6th
Herzog Hideout made 10 comments on Sunday Sessions 39
Bandulu - Guidance
really messed up that blend lol
Kyborg - Poly Acid Morph Basic Track
Fast Floor - Plight of the Innovators
UR - Maroon
DJ Orange Julius - BLVD
Bernd Friedmann - Jazzkeller
Thanks for tuning in!
Simon Finn - Patrice