Sharing the Watch page

Once you've created a show on Chew, you'll need to publicise the show's Watch page. This lets your audience watch and engage with your stream.

The Watch page is unique to each of your Shows, and can be accessed via its own unique URL (which looks like this:

You can access the Watch page's unique URL from your show's Run page, along with the show's embed code.

Sharing your Chew show on your website, Facebook, Twitter or more helps to promote your broadcasts and is great way to build your audience. If you can, try to share your show on Chew before you Go Live to give your viewers time to catch the broadcast as it happens! Chew will also notifiy anyone who follows your channel by email once you've been broadcasting for over 10 minutes.

If you tag @chewofficial when you share your show on social networks, we'll do our best to repost or share the show too!