Go Live

If you've clicked on the Go Live or New Show links in the menu, you'll create a new show. As a DJ, producer or creator on Chew, this is where you perform to the world!

The Run page, the page you're now on, is private to you. Only you have access to this. The page is unique to every show, giving you each show's unique streaming information - like your encoder details.

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Get started: - Give your show a title and description: this description is used on the Watch page and in text viewers see when your Watch link is shared. - Uploading a flyer image: this acts as a cover photo on both your Watch page and the Chew player (before your show starts). If you don't upload a flyer image, we use your Channel's cover image as default. - Set a start time: if you set a start time for a date in the future, the show will be scheduled and the Chew player will display a countdown to your Go Live time.

From the Run page, you can view your show's player (where you can preview what your viewers will see), the Watch page URL and your sharing details. You can also chat to your audience in Chew chat - without leaving the show's Run page!

Watch Page

The public Watch page is where your audience watches your show.

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You'll need to share the Watch page URL (which is displayed on your show's Run page) so your audience knows you've started broadcasting. You can also embed the Chew player on other websites. Once your viewers have visited your Watch page, they'll be able to view your show, talk to you and other viewers in chat and share the Watch page themselves.

Setting up your encoder

Once you've created your show, you'll need to setup your encoder to Go Live.