Using Chew

The Chew platform is designed to be as simple as possible. You can get started and stream your first show in seconds!

If you have any questions email Support or join our community Slack channel

Your Chew account

You'll need to register for a Chew account before you can stream your first show. If you have registered for a Chew account, simply login to access your account. This section explains what happens next!


Chew offers a range of features to subscribing users and also allows you to earn real money with Gifting. Find out how!

Creating a show

The core of the Chew platform is based around shows. Think of a show on Chew like a single DJ set or production session. Use this section of the guide to discover how easy it is to create, broadcast and experience a show on Chew!

Setting up your encoder

Find out how to stream to Chew with this quick and easy guide to getting started with an encoder!

Building Your Audience

Want to know how to use Chew to build and engage an audience? Here's a few helpful tips to get you started!


Do you want to create, join or stream with a crew? Here's how.

Stream forwarding

Want to know how to use crews for stream forwarding? Read on.

Other Chew features

This section gives you an overview of some of the features you have on Chew as a content creator.

The Chew API

Want to know more about the Chew API? Start here.