Embedding the Chew Player

If you want to embed the Chew player on an external site, we've made the process super simple for you. You'll find your show's unique embed code on the specific show's Go Live or Edit pages. From there, simply copy and paste the embed code into the HTML view of your CMS or into your website's code. If you don't manage your website directly yourself, then your content editor or website administrator will be able to do this for you.

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Embedding the Chew Channel Player

If you'd rather embed a single player, instead of updating your embed for every show, you can. We've created a channel-level embed code (which is available in your Account page) that will display every live show (or scheduled show) on your Chew account. If you have no scheduled or live shows this will display your most recent public show. Embed the Channel Player as you would with the show Player (or any other embed)!

Image of Yaktocat

Embedding Chew chat

Both individual show and Chew channel players can be embedded with chat. If you'd like to embed chat on its own, well, you can do that too! In the embed options below the show you'd like to embed, you'll find the 'Include chat' and the 'Do not include video' options. If you select 'do not include video', the embed code will update to an iframe with just chat (and no video). Embed the iframe as you would with the Player (or any other embed)!

Responsive Embedding

The Chew player embed code is fully responsive. When you copy the embed code, you will see that it includes some CSS which keeps the player at the correct dimensions - regardless of the width of your page. To constrain the size of the player, simply place it in a smaller containing element (with a defined width style attribute).

You can also try sharing the Chew watch page. It's responsive and supports both desktop and mobile devices.