What are Chew crews you ask? Well, they’re our take on groups, collectives and much, much more.

Over the last few months, we’ve noticed Chew users collaborating on individual accounts. SUB FM are a great example. The SUB FM team have the main Chew account, but a lot of the station’s DJs also have their own individual accounts.

With Chew crews, SUB FM could have a SUB FM crew that allows all the station’s DJs to broadcast to a central place (it would effectively be a SUB FM group) from their own accounts.

SUB FM Explore Page

The SUB FM tag on Chew

Here's an example of the Chew Staff crew (you can also find crews featured on the homepage):

Chew Staff Crew

The Chew staff crew

Crews can be open (i.e. anyone can join) or closed (i.e. users have to request permission to join). You can follow the crew as you would an individual DJ on Chew - and get the normal notifications (e.g. when they Go Live). Crew members’ shows will display in the crew’s archive - and you can find individual members to follow in the members list.

Go Live in a Crew

Check the ‘Chew Staff Crew’ tag in the tag field

There’s a lot of functionality still to come from Chew crews, but for now the Go Live process is the same as it’s always been. Go to the crew you want to broadcast to, hit Go Live and follow the normal process to broadcast! You can also assign existing shows to a crew by searching for, and then adding, the crew's name in the tags field.

Crews on account page

These are the crews this account is a member of