Other Chew features

You'll find a number of features on Chew we haven't gone through elsewhere in the Guide. We try to release platform improvements and updates every week so there are always new or improved features to look forward to on Chew! You can follow the updates as they're announced on the Chew blog and in the Chew community Slack channel.

Track listing

Did you know you can tag and timestamp tracks in your sets on Chew?

From your show's Go Live page, you can search for artists, track titles or albums in the ‘Tag your tracks’ section. It’ll load relevant results and if you select the track you want to tag, the track will appear in Chew chat along with the timestamp in the mix. And yes, this works for both live and archive shows. To correctly timestamp the tracks in the mix, you’ll either need to tracklist live (as the track starts playing) or scrub to the track playing in the archive.

Upload and Import

As well as being the live streaming platfotm for DJs, producers and personalities, we also host over 10,000 hours of recorded content on Chew.

If you're just getting started on Chew, or have recorded sets, production sessions or other content you'd like to host on Chew, you can upload it to your account. We also offer an import service that allows users to import their content from other platforms. You can find this feature in your Account's 'Connected Accounts' section.

Please note all uploads and imports are approved by Chew prior to being publicly available.


Tags are one of the easiest ways to get your content seen on Chew. We recommend tagging every stream you broadcast on Chew, as well as every archive you have on your channel. If you tend to use the same tags for most shows, you can add default tags in your Account. These are then used as the default tags for any new show you create on Chew.