Account page

Once you've logged into Chew, you'll either redirect to where you were prior to logging in or you'll end up on your Account page. From here, you have an overview of your activity on Chew.

From your Account, you'll be able to access the following:

  • Invite Friends
    • Invite your friends to join the Chew community
  • Profile
    • Where you can update your account details
  • Design
    • Where you can update your profile and cover images
  • Connected Accounts
    • Where you can link your Chew account to other social networks
  • Channel Embed
    • Where you access your Channel-wide embed code (more on that later)
  • Widgets
    • Where you access your Chew widgets
  • Email Address and Password
    • Where you update your account email/ password.

You also have access to your Shows list. From here, you can see your Scheduled Shows and your Archived Shows: