Build your audience on Chew

We often get asked how you guys can build and engage your audience on Chew. We thought we’d put a few ideas together to help get you started!


This is one of the biggest tips we can give our DJs. It’s kind of two tips in one:

1) Broadcast on a regular basis

The more regular your broadcasts are, the more likely your audience will start to start to come back. If you can, find a particular timeslot on a day and stick to it. Whether that’s once a week, twice a month - whatever you can commit to, regular broadcasts are a great way for your audience to keep coming back to watch your Shows.

Image of Yaktocat

DJ Lgcc streams Wax n’ Cats every weekend at the same time - and displays when his next broadcast is (and at what time in different timezones) on his Channel

2) Schedule upcoming Shows

If you create a Show on Chew and set the start date/ time for sometime in the future, your Watch page will display a countdown timer. This is a great way for your audience to find out when your next broadcast is - giving them time to plan being able to lock in for the live Show.

Image of Yaktocat

Behind This Wall schedule their weekly Show which lets them share their Watch page in the run-up to the live Show starting

This is also a neat trick to do if you’re using the Channel-level embed (which you can find on your Account page). The Channel embed displays either your live Show or the next available scheduled Show - a great and easy way for your audience to engage with your Shows!


Embedding the Chew player on other platforms is a really easy way to help reach a larger audience. You can either embed individual Shows (the embed code is on your Show’s Run page, the same place where you get your Server URL and Stream Name details for your encoder).

Image of Yaktocat

FatKidOnFire embeds their monthly podcast on their website

If you’d rather just have one embed code, you can use the Channel embed that, as discussed earlier, will either display your current live Show or your next scheduled Show.

Engaging your audience

It sounds like an obvious one, but again this is a really easy (and quick) tool to get the most out of your live Shows on Chew.

1) Chew chat

Image of Yaktocat

Mr. Bugles Studio are really talkative with their audience - and get great interaction with their Shows

Use ChewChat to talk to and get to know your audience. The more engaging your broadcasts are, the more likely your audience is to stick around and enjoy the Show! So get chatting :)

2) Follow

Encourage your audience to follow your Channel. This is a simple way for them to keep up to date with your Shows!

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Share your Show

Again, this is another quick and easy way to build your audience and keep them aware of when and where you’re broadcasting. Share your live or scheduled Shows on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, websites and much more as a way to advertise your Shows before and as they happen! And remember to schedule your Shows (and then share the scheduled Show) to give your audience enough time to lock in.

Image of Yaktocat

Labelworx are really great at sharing their scheduled and live Shows before, during and after their Shows happen

Don’t forget to tag us (or send us an email) when you share your Show and we’ll help promote it on our accounts too!

Keep your Channel updated

If you keep your Channel up-to-date, with a description and any links you want to share, people can find out about you, your Shows and more!

Image of Yaktocat

MNTRA Entertainment have a description, links and loads of info on their Channel

This also applies to your Shows on Chew. Give your Shows a good title, fill out the Show description and remember to tag them with relevant tags. This makes your Shows more easy to discover.

Tags are especially important as our tag ‘Explore’ pages get a tonne of search traffic and are one of the main ways audiences discover your Shows!

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What are your tips for getting the most out of Chew? Let us know!

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