Choosing your Streaming Kit

Video cameras, audio interfaces (and recorders) and computers have come a long way since the early days of video broadcasting. Equipment these days offers a professional live streaming setup to almost anyone on any budget.

There are too many different setups to cover in a single guide - and things will vary based on your available resources, the needs of your setup and the event itself. Why not join our community Slack channel to ask for advice?

In this section, we'll cover some common equipment that may help your research and buying decisions.


With so much equipment out there, it's hard to pick which cameras to work with. We offer up some tips on things to look out for.

Audio Equipment

For music events, audio is often more important than video. Making sure you can capture the best audio for your stream is integral to the experience. Here, we suggest what kit to look at.


Here's our suggestions on lighting kit.

Capture Cards

What sits between your camera and your computer is an often overlooked part of the live streaming process. But, funnily enough, it's a crucial part of the live part of live streaming!

Visual Mixers

Once you're sorted with everything above, visual mixers are usually the next step. Giving you more power, more control and an increased number of camera inputs to stream, visual mixers help take your stream to the next level.

Accessories for Mobile Streaming

At Chew, we like to push the cutting edge of live streaming technology. Often for our experimental events, we throw away the traditional broadcast kit and start from scratch by streaming directly from mobile devices.