Accessories for Mobile Live Streaming

At Chew, we're big fans of cutting out the production-grade equipment and streaming right from a smartphone or other mobile device. Modern smartphones have HD cameras and enough power to encode and stream live video with no need for external broadcast kit. However, here's a few accessories we've found useful while streaming from mobile devices.

External Audio/Microphones

Depending on the event, you may like to connect your phone to either an external microphone or mixer.

External Batteries

Live video streaming drains device batteries super quick. Aim for the highest milliamp hour (mAh) battery in your price range - you'll need it!

4G or Mifi Routers

If you haven't got a 4G-enabled phone - or you want to stream from non-internet enabled devices - then you may benefit from a 4G MiFi devce. A MiFi device is a portable hub that allows multiple devices to connect to it over WiFi and share the speed of an internet connection. We've successfully run conference-level live streams over 4G - it's awesome!

Tripod Mount

Keeping your phone steady is important for the quality of your stream. You might also find your arms getting tired after holding the phone up for an hour or two! Try to find a tripod mount or suction cup mount for your phone to avoid muscle tiredness or tension.


Try wide angle or fish eye lenses to capture more of your event!

Please note - we don't profit from any products mentioned in the Chew Guide. This is equipment we've paid for and want to recommend!