Go Live with Chew

About Chew

Chew is the live streaming community for DJs, producers, personalities and their fans.

About the Chew Guide

Use the Chew Guide to get started on Chew. It'll help you create your first show, set up an encoder and more.

1. FAQ

If you've got any burning questions, check our FAQ to see if we've answered them!

2. Using Chew

Use the Chew platform as the focal point for your live streams.

This section explains how to create a show, start broadcasting and much more!

3. Streaming Kit

We've spent a lot of time getting to know live streaming equipment over the last few years. In this section, we go through some of the kit we've used and recommend.

4. Encoder Setup

There are some great encoders on the market for live streaming. We recommend using the amazing OBS and explain why in this section.

For questions and/ or support requests, we're here to help! Just get in touch.