Chew Broadcaster for Mac

  1. Download, install and open Chew Broadcaster

  2. Log in to your Chew account (or register if you need to)

  3. Click 'Select show' to select a created show from the list (or simply create a new one). If creating a new show, remember to give the show a title, description and tags

  4. Select the quality you'd like to broadcast (this will depend on the type and quality of connection you're using to stream) from the dropdown

  5. Click the + icon below 'Scenes' to create a scene

  6. Click the + icon below 'Sources' to add your video and audio sources. If you're using a webcam and USB audio, this would be adding:

    • Webcam (either USB or laptop webcam) - this will be called Video Capture Device
    • Audio input (called Audio Input Capture - this may not be needed for some versions of Windows)
  7. Click Start Streaming. Once Chew's detected your signal, you're live! Nice work.