Advanced Live Streaming

Doing more with Chew Broadcaster

Broadcaster is a truly versatile piece of software. If you've mastered the single camera stream, here are a few suggestions of what else you can do to make your shows on Chew a bit more exciting...


We think the first step in doing more with Broadcaster is adding a second camera to your broadcast.

If you're using USB webcams as your main video input; this is as simple as adding an extra webcam to Broadcaster when you get started.

If you're using external cameras with video capture cards, you can either add a USB camera to your setup (which is often what we do) or, if you're able to, adding a second camera and capture card.

A second camera gives your audience the ability to see more of what you're doing during the Show, adding that little bit extra to make your content more engaging for viewers.

Image overlay

Adding imagery to your shows can be as simple as adding a logo to your stream. But you can also add live visualisations, camera templates and more to make your content more visually engaging for your audience.

We love what BBC Radio 1xtra's Jamz Supernova does with her shows: multi-cam, image overlays and more. SSR London are another great example of a Chew broadcaster pushing the boundaries of what you can do during a live show.

To add overlays, simply add an 'Image' source to Broadcaster and select the image you'd like to overlay. Once you've added the image, resize it to the suitable dimensions and you're good to go!

Other RTMP encoders

While Broadcaster is the recommended software for streaming to the Chew platform, you can stream to Chew using any RTMP encoder.

You can use Flash Media Live Encoder, mimoLive, Wirecast and many more RTMP encoders to stream to Chew. Once you've added your input sources, simply copy and paste your Server URL and Stream Key from Chew into your encoder's stream output settings and Go Live!

And much, much more

There's so much more you can do to make your streams as awesome as they can be! Why not join the Chew community Slack channel for feedback, advice or suggestions from the Chew community?

If you have any queries, or want to run something by the Chew support team, feel free to drop us an email.