Introducing Chew Gifts

Start accepting virtual gifts as donations and earn real money.

Are you a broadcaster?

Help your fans help you!

Fans can show their support by donating virtual gifts. This not only rewards your hard work – but helps your fans show you just how much they’re loving your shows on Chew.

Build lasting relationships with your fans

Gifting on Chew is just part of our plans towards helping you build a meaningful connection with your audience, as well as creating a real sense of community on the Chew platform.

Help develop future shows

Let your fans help your shows evolve and improve. Use gifts donated on Chew to fund and create a better live show for your audience (but you can use gifts however you want – there are no rules)!

Ready to receive gifts?

You can be set up in minutes if you have a bank account in one of 25 supported countries.

  • Accept gifts from fans anywhere in the world
  • Daily, weekly or monthly deposits direct to your bank account
  • No fees taken by Chew*
    * A small card transaction fee of 1.4-2.9% + 30¢ still applies
Enable Gifting
Chew sent a gift
Air Horn
£ 4.99
Transactions are handled securely by Stripe. Your card details are not stored by Chew.

Are you a fan?

Look for the Send Gift button on your favourite broadcasters' show pages. If you can't see this button, suggest to them that they enable gifting to receive your support. The money you spend on gifts goes directly to the recipient (minus a small card transaction fee).

Once you've sent a gift, you will forever show up as a VIP under the show player and everyone will see how awesome you are.

More reasons to give gifts:

Provide motivation and encouragement

Show your favourite DJs you appreciate the time and effort they put into their shows on Chew by donating a gift or two – this will encourage them to keep broadcasting great shows in the future.

Support your favourite DJs

By donating gifts on Chew, you can support your favourite DJs and help them improve their shows. Whether you help fund a bit of equipment, new music or even a funky Buddha to go in the background, send a gift to support the shows you like on Chew!

Receive personal satisfaction

Knowing that you’re supporting a fellow Chew community member will not only make you feel good, it’ll help boost the connections you make throughout the Chew platform too!

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