Future Trance Project London, UK
July 20th
Moysey loves him tho
it's shit by default then
deal with it :D
it's a learning curve
a more adult persuit?
fuck sleep - eat the pillows
night bro
my pleasure
BPM up again after this tune
141 BPM has arrived
hey Tony
oi oi
where u from Tony?
wow nice
welcome man - not many Americans tune in
hope u enjoy bro
thanks guys
share the link if you can Tony?
foxy <3
hey bro
cheers bro
my best mate Stew (username Stew the Hat
Smiffy - pot or kettle?
boil off :D
OK 20 mins more and we'll bump the bpm again to 142
OK one more tune after this at 141 - then 142
gonna see in 142 with the mighty MORPH
wb pabs
fixed it now?
hey treacle <3
hi , from, us both
ok xxx
OK we're going 30 mins more on the official recording - then going extra time
had to be done lol
wasn't going to but Stew convinced me
OK guys - this tune will play out for the recording - then extra time
nah 'serial diva'
so are we JUST
hey Kate <3
yeah it was one of our fav's back in 2002
no no - it's licensed to Tidy Trax
but we used to play regularly
lol steve - Boom stick is FAST & Evil
im at 141 now - I'll bring it up a bit so I can play it :D
gimma a couple of tunes to bridge
dude - u never have to convince me of your talent
ur a fucked legend
trying me best - thru being sheer FUCKED up and 8 hours straight lol
I recorded the 1st 6 hours which I will upload - this is jst for fun
just queued Boomstick at 143 and it sounds weird - i'm getting there
u might have to settle for 145
sure why not LD
mums the word
I'll go for Boomstick next - and apologies if it sounds slow
OK Boomstick next
I love how much depth there is to you synths man - it's awesome
they are sublime
the layers upon layers are just immense
this tune scares me lol
I like it - it's harder than I would usually play even for hard stuff but it's a great track
yeah no shit :D
i got a nosebleed :D
ah yeah as it should be - love it
screwface synths
no worries bro - hope i did em justice
was totally off the cuff
and I'm fucking wasted
lol - thanks
gonna play til kate gets home from work around 7.30
so?? She love sit hard house :D
yeah cracking remix
yeah same
sounds like a should
hmmm rings a bell def
hmmm not by name but I will prob when I hear it straight away
listening now
yeah I do vaguely recall that riff
im not as great with hard tune namage as I am with trance
i prefer the moonman mix but the trauma mix is wicked
OK next one is my last tonight guys
gonna end with my all time fav tune
and that's why - lol
but ty for listening
and see you soon <3