April 8th
Drone Manipulation made 2 comments on The Shit Show
our mixing hardware is broken so no show tonight :(
thanks for coming tho
March 25th
wheres it aaaaaaaaaaat
i did the 3 first songs, this is lauren now
hence all the singing
bass is pounding
windows shaking
if you can log in they should be able to
i dont control this site so i dunno sup
f em im drinkin
I don't see no issues on tweeter
i tried
2 deep in v4nr
i gotta poide the burger and shid we just ate
new place was ok
im stuffed tho
babs, why she aint i n shat?
or bones
how hard is it to make a gd login
bam theres bones
sup boner
babs must be chilling and smoking the god head
in her own world
hey guys
its L
hey!! how are you?!?!
thanks for convincing him to do this hehe
so good
im too full to move -wild
when im full i cant get a proper buzz
house of pain
shouldn't have ordered the extra chicken strips and fries
I <3 house of pain too
my irish blood runs thack
so was the capo sentencing good? are you all satisfied?
i was on a 90210 binge
well valerie almost got HIV so i had to pay attention to 90210
next episode reveals her blood test results
i already know tho cuz i seent it like 93298238239 times
L cracked open a new bottle of kirkland champagne.. high roller she is
i'm done with 90210
we will not be talking abou tit
flip hope you're good
kirkland champagne is bomb
awwww that sucks :(
jesus christ i could't mix a batch of brownies if i tried tonight. totally off my game
sup flippage
this is what overeating and underdrinking does
i somehow need to take a massive dump and pound a bottle of rumplemintz at the same time
aint gots nun, just pepto
is she an overweight dude with a goatee?
aww flip wtf
Tums? yeah i wonder if they got it
why is it better than pepto?
pepto #1
i like the taste of pepto too its like tequilla rose
whats 21 pilots
mean bones
birds suck
oh f judys playlist its banned
we only play shid with cussing in it and electronicly made beats now
It's been forever!!
this is more my territory, some darker dubstep
sup babs <3
babs you owe me a ton in fines btw ffs
yeah i can get to corneas at costco for $69 ffs
sup brender <3
why is it so hard to get in?
too much wild turkey?
too much rumplemintz?
thanks for coming guys!!
thank you guys <$
you're the best
that's supposed to be a heart
i'm holding vedge and dancing but she doesn't understand
why i owe 0.69$