July 21st
hi there sis
feeling a lil discoooo
we good here
ok hope it clears up
fb sound is wack as fuck
here u get the best if u a encoder
like me
on ur side
sum times it just the distance
but i have a perfect feed
no drop outs or any thing
and im montoring from another tablet
me to
str8 ether net
u was not stuttering at all
just fuckin fb fuckin it up
they dum down the mic for there site
so the feed it good for a few or shit every time
ok seem s like there sum delaying going on
well it looks like im done with this session
wish it was a better stream
but i made a mp3 of this show crazy nite didnot start out to play this stuff but must be channelin my inner POSE
well girlie i have been keeping up with ur fb post kids look great
oh damn thought u watched -pose the tv show
its the bomb
but im outties i will hit u on fb in a few
June 23rd
nice ta meet ya im in the usa
playing sum tunes from nyc back in the days
but im in the chi town state of mind
its 2 am for me
hard to think that song is 30 yrs old haa
the save
how does it sound?
is video good
herc rmx with vdj 7 and a pair of 1200
bigg ass screeen i cant see shit ha
both anlog and digi gw set
welll im also most done
this is the last song
it s a old disco song
was a opening jam or closing but a must for dancers in the late 70 till the 90s
May 19th
smooth house grooves for now
tthis is a claptone song
just keeping a dance fun vibe
that crazy
hi all
hope all is good
last song for me thanks for hangging out with me and i'll be on soon mostly late nites