May 19th
smooth house grooves for now
tthis is a claptone song
just keeping a dance fun vibe
that crazy
hi all
hope all is good
last song for me thanks for hangging out with me and i'll be on soon mostly late nites
April 27th
djerix made 31 comments on DjSoul Posada's Show
sup sis
nice i just got up smokin a lil working redoing my studio got up
im here with ya
bring the ahla
im here
that was a good house set nice trks
kool beans
i feel good
i off and just relaxing with u
im chillin
just like the 80's with great internet
this is the best time for me
to talk
im up all night
this is my first break
ebvery nite
rip sande
ohhh yeah
just doing my bboy strut
ok sis nice set
i'll hit u up on fb laters
yes nc
same place for last 7 yrs
doing good
havint been streaming but have a fully funtional studio
runing ablten
March 23rd
im back
mariasup been i lil while
new old times
ive been on chew
still crazy just really late
the link to my page
well im outtiessleep then up at 12
mmight stream tonite
think bout it
March 23rd
yes sir im up late
nuttin chillin
been on chew tv
reppin mf
send me the info
i'll do a late night set
just redid
my studio
what ever
im down
u see i work 3rd shift
so this is bedtime 4 me
but from 12 on im up
i work at newport factory
i work 3rd shift
thats why im not here
im a fucking vampire
ok so what ever it takes
to do a mf set
well ive been there for the longest
dude turn on cam
were is this feed?
and how do u stream here also?
sound is great
u using a encoder?
my brother
i see u added those new decks
ok just play on we can talk more later
ok u run the 1200 threw the dds
yeah run time code
or u trying to get more outs
like i have 2 hercules rmxs 1 set connected 2 1200
and other is a stand alone and have both outs connected to a 12 chan mackie
but lately been studing ablton 9
makin sum tracks
new fs
from me