August 18th
what up doe...yep, Terrance played it at DMT
thank you so much DJ WuWayne!!
thank you for tunin' in...caio for now
August 11th
hey Cuzzo! thank you so much, Love...
just doin what i do...
yeah...thank God for Titan. i felt good and things seemed to go well. thank you Cuzzo! :-)
i played some vinyl too...earlier in the set
July 14th
i see you :-)
thank you DJ Martin!
yep...found it in a heat crate :-)
thank you...some on purpose, some by
July 7th
k...thank you! love...
June 30th
hey Cuzzo! thank you for tunin in..glad you are enjoying
love you more :-)
June 23rd
what up Bro!
aw yeah, you know it...let's get inspired up in here!
June 16th
thank you!
glad you are enjoying it!
thank you!
May 5th
yes, but can't talk hit me up later
April 28th
April 28th
hey there!