November 23rd
yo yo
enjoy the tunes\
September 26th
feel free to share the link yall
nah twitch is for gamers
chew is for music
ty for tunin in bro
September 25th
yo yo thnx for tuning in enjoy the tunage
hows the quality of sound? new set up
September 25th
Deejay Unix went live
July 14th
Welcome all enjoy the tune! Big up
July 12th
July 12th
Deejay Unix made 3 comments on Pure Sessions
Big ups
July 4th
welcome stream is about to start enjoy the show
January 9th
Deejay Unix made 37 comments on wait 3 cameras!!
I got a new jobby at boost mobile tommorow in the am for training telleeem
Drinking my last two brewskys then I'm outy
Feel ya I literally submitted my application and the boss called me in to work tommorow lmao while I was spinning and drinking
Held up my cool though hehe
Tried to back up my chew app after the move but it was laggin like crazy so I used my old acct to stream lmao
Chew streamer is weird I tell ya
Might need some help next time I stream
This job is literally two minutes from my house so I don't mind
Yea but I got a back injury so ya boy is suing the fuk outa them
Trying to keep it safe by getting another jobby
Just incase they let me go
I was surprised cuz the dude literally called me the same day lmao
I guess I was over qualified lmao
He was like come in tommorow for training
I was like u got it lmao
I guess
<---- sipping on a beer
Wolf of wallstreet
I guess
I'm just glad I don't have to drive 30 minutes to get to the job anymore
I'm still gonna apply for more jobs though I'm trying to have like 2-3 jobs so I can bank in 2018
Yea dude I'm trying to killem
3 part time jobs plus college why the fuk not
If I make 400-600 each job I'm banking 1200-1800 every two weeks
Hospitality management bruh
2018 baby lehhhh geeeetiiiit
Bruh 2400 to 3600 per month why the fuk not
Feel mehhh
I know that my main job is pretty much fuked cuz I'm suing them so the more the marrier
Crypto is gg but I ain't got the dough for that so grinding is key
Yea I'm bout to pass outy got to be at work in a few hours
Much love to all
Thanks bro for tuning in
Much love to all y'all
I'm down for one more
January 9th
January 9th
Deejay Unix made 5 comments on wait 3 cameras!!
My whole desktop crashed didn't see the msgs till now lmmao
Used to run on two laptops
Hopefully y'all enjoyed my set
Used a new acct since my equipment was moved 😥😥
April 30th
Deejay Unix went live
April 18th
Deejay Unix went live
April 18th
Deejay Unix went live
March 27th
March 24th
we going haaa,mmm
more yall?
beer #8
ki mean @#9
ty soooooo much
share the link if u can'
beer #9
1 more left
4/5 more tracks
any that posts an msg get s 30 moteminutes