April 22nd
Nice death star
video froze too
March 17th
Dan Kushner Live PA made 2 comments on X0X0
Live PA. Nice.
I don't know if you check chat, but if you want to get together with other streamers who do Live PA and jam, jump in here. https://discord.gg/TAWTJT
May 13th
Dan Kushner Live PA made 13 comments on DJ_Cicco
Hey Fav
Hey all
Hey Z!
Good tunes dude
Thanks for the tunes Cicco
This track for a packed club would just kill it
You bet
Gotta reset that router though
h h h hands in the air
later Cicco
May 6th
Dan Kushner Live PA made 5 comments on Ahead Full
I'll be afk until bedtime
Really hanging at twitch though
Hey all. I'm playing after Coh, but over on Twitch. Come join the fun- and if not I'll catch you next week :)
April 30th
Dan Kushner Live PA made 25 comments on MMGA W/SteveG
Is Steve G also on twitter?
er twitch
Right on it Emakus
BTW, Elevate, changing it up is important. But I've found that if you can nail the funk, you can sit there all night.
Ey Emakus, check out Odd Wily for decent breaks. https://www.junodownload.com/products/the-stranger-lighter-tale/3720329-02/
After an entire evening of funk, everyone there will feel way cooler
Like haning out with Samuel Jackson. By the end of the night you'll be dropping f-bombs too.
Have you ever bought a track AT the gig and spun it?
What a time to be alive
Back when I was a DJ
in 2004, this dude came up to me and asked for 50 Cent in the club
Which I did not have
He thn offered $150 to play it, so I said yes
And told my friend to go home, buy it, burn it, and come back with a CDJ.
For $150 we were going to find a way.
I was sweating bullets!
My friend took forever
omg it's like being late for work and you have a big meeting
Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue!
GS needs 4 more subs
Double B!
What's new :)
April 29th
Hi Kate!
Hey Simon
I'm totally improving right now
Mars incoming
Later Arch
That was Mars
Some worked
Some didn't
lil House jam
Welcome back Arch
I have no idea what style of music I am playing at this point
Oh I'm getting weird tonight!
Ladies and gentlemen, the humble Bass Station 2
Oh yes
The best part of the night is when i really tweak the moog
No doubt
Buuut I'd probably take my Circuit
<3 for grooveboxes
Sub37 is my favorite synth. But on a desert island.. I need some drums
+10 for still breathing
I found out 4 hours ago that CZboogie was playing 5 minutes from my house
Time to slooooow down
heh arch
so true
All original
Including the vocals coming
We're all on twitch
N worries
We are pushing to there
But will still simulcast for a while
April 29th
Dan Kushner Live PA made 2 comments on Dark Flow
FD is on Twitch