CTRL ROOM West Toronto Junction
August 22nd
R going strong till 8pm EST
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August 16th
up thjis late in portugal?
sound on my phone = tricia tech issues or mecury retrograde
are you calling the timeless classic stardust music sounds better with you cheese?
August 16th
The sounds of Champion Lover
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August 15th
Welcome to the show with Detroit Trickster
August 7th
What's up everyone! Dovetail mixing it up on the beautiful Master Sounds Radius 4!
That's a sweet track Rich just dropped. Breakbeat vibes!
that's the new Prins Thomas there if we're not mistaken. Glorious!
of course!
We smell some Roman Flugel in the air...
oh yes!
MoodyMan rules!
August 1st
Straight classics tonight!
July 31st
Hey guys, sounding good!
July 25th
Welcome all
Andaycapp till 8pm EST
Hi sam!
July 19th
Keijo has to rush to work now...
latana from greg gow's new ep
July 12th
Big shout out to Iced Misto
Killer uplifting set!
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Show is weekly Thursday's 6-8pm
Thank you all and stay up!
Till next week. Peace!
July 3rd
CTRL ROOM made 2 comments on Dovetail Music EP 20
sup @piae !
salut @misskriss
June 25th
Recording from the session: http://bit.ly/2wXc8so
June 21st
no sebular love tonight? :(
June 6th
Yuri & Leo Love till 8pm EST
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May 31st
just haning waiting for the game to start
May 31st
Yo Yo!
May 30th
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May 23rd
We live till 8pm EST
May 19th
CTRL ROOM made 3 comments on The Pulse
Thanks for tuning in guys!
Tastic in the mix..how are you guys?
That's a wrap guys. We'll be back ....
May 17th
he's about to blush