CTRL ROOM West Toronto Junction
October 23rd
Welcome to Monday Mood :)
October 20th
October 19th
October 9th
October 8th
October 6th
October 6th
CTRL ROOM went live
October 4th
Welcome all
Motip White till 7pm
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October 3rd
We are Live with grooves for ya!
October 3rd
October 3rd
CTRL ROOM made 22 comments on DoveTail Radio EP 14
yo Bill!
whaddup billy!
gum is essential mixing accessory territory
switched off that, but any will do really!
it's the only way to "stick" a mix
chew on that!
we keep things fresh
thank YOU
we're def older than 40
the age is there... the wisdom.... not so much
we just wise all round!
Lovedrops - don't look back
hey kerri!
bye billy!
hi karri! bye karri!
Check out DoveTail Facebook page for up coming gigs
Sweet tack!
hi Jo!
so nice to hear from you!
big ups moseph
October 1st
September 30th
September 22nd
September 21st
September 21st
CTRL ROOM made 2 comments on NUKE 01
sorry the chat was hidden
i told him you just flashed some titties
September 13th
Kris is killing it!
September 13th
September 12th
September 6th
B.U.R.S. 119 is now live