Chris Perry Summerside PEI Canada
January 26th
Happy New Year Humans
January 26th
October 19th
hurry up i wanna party!
loud and clear
hey Mum
Howdy old chap!
A1 like the steak sauce. and you wild and crazy bunch?
it's nice to see friends get together at last
i see he has left an impression as he gets the moniker Fker
I hope he did us Canuck's proud?
very cool
you all will have to come to canada and make maple syrup toffee in the snow
just pour fresh hot maple syrup on the snow and it crystallizes into toffee
everybody loves dogs why not the piss
canadian elementary school tradition
maple syrup on snow right there
it's like someones accent easy to tell if you hear them enough
sup randy?
National day of Morning tomorrow eh
Playing hookey
wish i could but i can't tomorrow
me as well called in @ 3am
i wish it was as fun as you make it sound wink wink
you could be TD in disguise
isn't Magic Rat supposed to pick on you not your self
he can sleep in the air
Neil have a safe flight home and everyone else have a great night early day here too
October 1st
Nice Fro Dude. did the give you a bowl of soup with that lid?
You need a monster spliff to go with that costume man
September 22nd
he played all my music
easy his parrents were and are married.
yes im playing
hear anything
you already know what i will
you said you would never show that publicaly
dj snow man in the house
love the minions
getting down to my last few songs thanks for hanging out gang
Thanks to Raggy , Hammy, RPM and all of the admins for running a top notch event
once again thank all of you we all do this for the love of music and Pizza
Last one gang
No Problem Brother of mine
September 22nd
September 22nd
Welcome everyone It's gonna be very random
September 22nd
I'm more down than up.
September 22nd
September 21st
September 21st
Chris Perry made 2 comments on Midweek Jam Ft RPM
We may as well just loop his set.
Yes I'm chrispy