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November 16th
Bobby D made 6 comments on Wax Bobby
ez dude
how ya doin
laptop wasnt plugged in lol
altho it was vid that went on konduit
ye mate a few, hamster, van arne
nicewan dude ty
November 11th
November 6th
November 2nd
Bobby D made 2 comments on The Essential Selectors
good day
November 2nd
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Bobby D made 2 comments on wAX b0BbY B2b Crack1Offski
hey mikki o>
ok mikki repescts
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July 1st
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June 30th
June 30th
June 30th
Bobby D made 22 comments on Breakfast at Bobbys
welcome, jus pottering about while I start up o/
ez dude
ty :)
jus playing some compilatipns wile i get sorted
easy chuck o>
ty sir
wb :P
one more from me, ty for tuning in
you had a bet?
mugs game they reckon anyway :D
yes mate n isle of anglesey
from mansfield originally
ah ye
maybe later
broke my headphones palying last night so n these fucking little iphone things
nightmare lol
caught wire round leg lol when walking away from mixer
yanked it out
last night on konduit
right thats me fella, maybe see ya next time! o/
June 28th
June 27th
Bobby D made 12 comments on Wax Bobby
nicewan mister o>
uk mate
isle of anglesey
where u from mate?
nice :)
depends on ya connection, how many others on and that i think
mine used to be worse
i stream dual, here and konduit
its a smaller set up but its really easdy and good connection
can dual from there to here really easy
np dude
thats last one from me, ty for listening ppl o>