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"She took me to this place called The Music Box to see this DJ called Ron Hardy, I was touched by God! The volume, man, just BOOM!!! It penetrated through my chest and took hold of my heart." - Marshall Jefferson.

"I want my music to sound like computers talking to each other, I dont want it to sound like a 'real' band. I want it to sound like a technician made it. That's what I am, a technician with human feelings" - Juan Atkins.

"We broke down a lot of barriers at the beginning of house music. It broke everything down. It smashed down the walls. When Shoom's doors closed, you could do what you wanted. It was our own state of freedom. It was a free state, as it generally should be anyway. There were no restrictions in that club, in the beginning, whatsoever. All you wanted to do, that was conducive to that atmosphere, you could do it. It was an outlaw period" - Danny Rampling.

"When you're DJing and you're great at it, you're not playing records, you're playing the dancefloor. You're not just mixing tunes, you're mixing energy and emotions, mixing from surprise into hope and happiness, cutting from liberation to ecstasy to love. When it goes right you're inside the bodies of everyone inside the room, you know what they're feeling and where they're going, and you're taking them there. You're sweeping them off the earthly plane and transporting them to a higher place. You're moving their bodies and their souls with the music that flows from your fingertips.
You're putting them in the moment.
Sweaty palms, huge smiles. That kind of intenseness when you're in the zone, when you're in the box on your own. Oh my god! Whats the next record? Frantically searching, making sure your instinct's right. Changing your mind, then going back to your first choice, and then ripping that out and putting it on at the last minute....and it works!
'And seeing people smiling.
'And singing.
'And going crazy." - taken from the book "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life"

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