Tuned UP Buffalo, NY - www.mixcloud.com/TunedUP
April 15th
@dann hey just a weekly radio show, we go through new electronic beats. things in the halftime jungle drum & bass, dubstep, grime spectrum
@dann live tomorrow again @ 6pm EST
December 18th
Almost that time...
December 13th
@stuntman-uglydude big up man.. missed the msgs live
@stuntman-uglydude in the zzzzzzzone
June 26th
Starting in 2 mins
I'll have a download link to one of my new tracks posted in here shorty.. hold tight for that
May 8th
Let's go!
April 24th
time to get tuned up!
April 18th
thanks man!
March 13th
We're live in a few mins!
Special guest DJ Search in the studio today
March 7th
hey @favouritedarkness and @bradyboyd thanks for checking the show out!
there's an archive at mixcloud.com/tunedup if you're interested in checking the show again
February 27th
Mixing live in about 5 mins... I started the show with TMSV Radio #4
January 31st
til next Tuesday... keep it Tuned UP!