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August 10th

Back2Basics recently had their home burglarized, and almost 1/2 of our PA system was stolen. 3 weeks later, it was found on Facebook Marketplace. Police were contacted as they requested, screen shots, names, and other info was handed over to them, and they responded by doing ZERO.
We are hosting this 10 hour livestream with some of Spokanes best djs, in hopes of raising some money to replace what was stolen.
If you've been to one of our events over the last 4 years, you know we do all of this entirely out of love. We've lost way more money on events than we've ever made, and dumped over 25k into sound/lights/dome/promo/bookings over the years. But we continue on because we love what we do for the city of Spokane, and for those who tune in each week! If you've got a few dollars, we'd really appreciate your generousity to help up get back on our feet!

4pm-5 Elixir
5-6 Alex
6-7 Beauflexx
7-8 Joey Treasure
8-9 Differential (D&B)
9-10 Stitch Jones (D&B)
10-11 Mad Davies
11-1 Josh Johnsson b2b Dave Keset

house Tech house DRUM & BASS jackin house

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  • 128
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