Aureal (Capt Aureal) Austria / Vienna
May 17th
May 11th
January 18th
January 11th
Aureal (Capt Aureal) Jan12th
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January 3rd
Aureal (Capt Aureal) made 18 comments on Jan3rd
A GOOD "=!)
a good 2019
to U
how re u?
everything SUPER
working for a radio station in Austria - Friday 11pm - to 1 am
my music
U could - somehow - accept news from my sessions - many friends of mine do
Hi to all - Welcome
I cannot chat due to heavy mixing :-)
hi 2 all
welcome u
I guess that I´m doing some special sond
I´m creating it
it´s called VoomVoom Music
it´s a label
my own label
November 17th
Aureal (Capt Aureal) made 3 comments on November17th
Hi Mike
can not reply often due to mixing
I´m very well, hope U 2
October 20th
Aureal (Capt Aureal) made 3 comments on October20th
Hi Mikiiiii!
I´m into mixing - sorry I can not reply fast
Hi to all of you
October 6th
September 15th
Aureal (Capt Aureal) made 2 comments on Sept15th
hi friend
how are U
June 22nd
December 31st